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Dan Richards

2 Years Ago

Just A Question

"once your stuff is up, 2-3 hours would be looking at the forum mostly. you don't have many images up right now, 51 is a tiny number. try to expand that to at least 500-1000. while some people actually think less is a good thing - it's not. online people have a short attention span and if they don't see what they want in a few minutes, they will leave."

---Mike Savad

From another post.
My question is this.

I once had a Zazzle account for almost a year with over 800 items and prints, yet no matter what I did I could not sell anything on there. Even was messaged one day that my prices were too high, and I was marking them up next to nothing. One of the prints I had on there, later sold to a Magazine for $500.00. It was a shot I did with a High Speed lens, and making towers look like they were moving "Tulsa on the Move". Anyhow the point is, I don't know about numbers, although I could be wrong, I just do not understand why some items sell outside the internet, yet not on the net. Even though I get a lot of good comments from Professionals, and people I do not know, selling seems to be an issue. Being new here I will not say anything about the site, but just asking a question, of what actually helps on these sites? Or is that just to much of a varied question?

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Paul OToole

2 Years Ago

I am a nature photography and have had many images published in books and magazines. For me it is much easier to make money this way that selling online prints etc. Mind you I have connections that allow me access to wants lists for magazines that I receive directly from them making it easier to have my images used and published. To date I have 1 sale on FAA of a greeting card. I do photography because I love it and will continue regardless of sales or being published. Part of the difficulty selling online prints is my audience who would be mainly nature lovers.



Dan Richards

2 Years Ago

I agree. I love it too. Me being art and outdoors, mostly with a few other gigs to help with funds, I would rather do what I love than anything else. I have just been trying to break into the market, and finding it hard to do.
Last month I shot a wedding, and I hate doing those, but it was half upfront and half on delivery, so it is money for my skills.


Ann Powell

2 Years Ago

Welcome to FAA from a fellow Oklahoman! There are quite a few threads on here with helpful information about marketing, just put marketing in the search. Someone once posted that you have to want it really badly to sell art online. it is a lot more challenging and time consuming than I anticipated it would be. The other weird thing is one type of image will sell on one site, like Etsy, and not on another, like FAA. I too have worked on zazzle and have sold very few, no matter how much it seems I promote it, just can not get traffic to it.


Dan Richards

2 Years Ago

Thank you. :)


Melissa Bittinger

2 Years Ago

Dan, I don't see Tulsa on the Move in your gallery?


Mary Ellen Anderson

2 Years Ago

It's a whole lot easier making a good first impression in person then it is in a tweet or keyword.


Dan Richards

2 Years Ago

Melissa, I don't have that one on my page. I have not done anything with it, after that, been trying to get my other works moving. Right or wrong, That one I am holding on to for Art shows to sell.

Mary, I think you are right there, but many people sell their works on line, so I know there has to be a way. :)


Camille Lopez

2 Years Ago

People are impulse buyers ,they like to touch the object they are interested in,also when your selling in person your only competing with yourself however on line on a site such as zazzle or whatever site you are referring to,you have thousands of other people competing with you.


Mike Savad

2 Years Ago

zazzle and here are totally different. with zazzle you need a ton of products - with many images. many make the mistake on zazzle that they do things one at a time and create a random array of items. 800 products is a tiny amount. i think i have like 200,000 something like that. and that's only because i'm lazy and use only two quick create things. i cull things off the sheet if they aren't selling. different images work differently on different items. like i have yet to sell an abstract (i sold one print of it here), on zazzle i've sold it only on bags, a pillow and some post cards. a picture of an organ only sells as a tie. other things are only good as a mouse pad. and if you don't have a good spread of images on many different products you won't sell there. organization is another key point, but pointless to discuss since zazzle redecorated the place using what looks like a bull dozer.

on this site, interior decorators, richer people that don't always want originals but will spend on art, and other kinds of people come here. they aren't looking for flip flops, they want a huge print to hang over their leather couch, something the size of their TV. depending on your work and your brand of yourself, you can adjust prices as you need to. in order to have high prices you need work that supports that price. if the quality is high and the price is low, people may not get it thinking the paper is cheap. and if the work is not great and the price is high, they can't justify that at all.

selling outside the net is usually a spontaneous thing, or maybe you convinced them. the problem with the net is - your colors on you system are different than other screens. and sometimes seeing things in person is the thing that will get people to buy it. online you have a ton of competition that is pulling eyes from your work.

---Mike Savad


JC Findley

2 Years Ago


As an artist, half of the work is marketing yourself.

Here are some good links to discussions in our forum and elsewhere about marketing your work Dan Turner's 7 Keys To Selling Art Online The Art Of Social-network Marketing Available Online For Free How to critique and edit your own work for better sales Tagging, or Keywords and Descriptions Marketing Yourself Innovative Marketing for Artists - Challenge! Niche Marketing? How Do I Launch A Local Art Show?? PRESS RELEASES what are they and how to use them YOUR Print Quality - Please Read One of the newsletters with some good info on

Be sure to stay active on Fine Art America: join discussion, contests, etc.

We have an entire Marketing section for you to utilise to help sell your work. Try using those tools to help you.

But the best place to start is telling your friends and family.


PHOTOGRAPHING IMAGES YOUR Print Quality - Please Read How to Photograph Your Art How to photograph your Artwork at Home How I Photograph Art... Letís Talk Photography Photographing paintings Rich's Tutorial On Copying Artwork Tips & Tricks for advanced painting photography

FUN and EDUCATION WHAT IS threads - Index A series of threads explaining different genres How to Debate How To Critique Someones Work How to ASK for a critique


Dan Richards

2 Years Ago

Thank you everyone.


Mary Ellen Anderson

2 Years Ago

@Mike, what do you think is the best online way of attracting buyers to FAA? Is it twitter, fb, tumblr, pinterest, g+ or none? Aren't these all essentially the same. You send out post of your images on FAA or products on zazzle? So in general people use tw, fb and the others like shopping channels?

I think you've said a lot of people find you on FAA from zazzle? Is zazzle like fb in that you get followers or is it like FAA where you get found in the searches? Is there a difference in the buyers and how you market them between zazzle from FAA?


Mike Savad

2 Years Ago

everything, anything. but mostly having good work that catches the eye. it can be anything. i'm not on tumblr yet, i haven't yet gone to that, but i know my work is there. kind of wish there was a link for that, i think i need to visit the suggestion board for that.

pinterest is good for getting blog and facebook people.

facebook is good for gathering people that like your work to talk about your work. but unless they find you, you'll have a slim chance at being seen. there's one group that likes my stuff, but only one genre, most of the time they look at recipes.

twitter gets some people, but you need the right bait, and finding the right tag words can be hard. there are no pictures unless you force it, and then there is no space for tags, which you need. many people on twitter are only interested in getting new followers.

your own web page helps you get known as well.

blogs your make, or your own will help. getting on every other POD helps, because they may never see you here, they may want your stuff on a tie or box. or they saw you on a tie, but want an acylic print and will look for you by name. zazzle isn't anything like facebook, it's another POD, tricky to use, often (Especially now), hard to find things there. but i'm at the top of the google engine for different words, including my name, and it helps that i'm on zazzle - and red bubble, of which i push my links on.

i don't market anything on zazzle. i've tried in the past and failed. my links are everywhere Zazzle - Suburban Scenes by Mike Savad with my ref code - and i so never get that code. i don't know if they stripped it off or what, but i gave up pushing it because of that. it's also hard to push things, cheap things can sell, but you get no money for it. and expensive things don't often sell unless you really need or want it. so i push FAA, because it's more universal, and i know that i will get at least $15-25 from a sale if i get an order. it makes my time and energy worth it.

as far as a difference -hard to say. decorators visit both sites. some are comfy here and others there. i sell a better variety on zaz because not all images look good as a print to them. like my abstracts sell really well there, but not here.

---Mike Savad


Mary Ellen Anderson

2 Years Ago

@ Mike, what about stumble or whatever the FAA one is. Is this an alternative to pinterest?

Also, what about linkedin. I thought this was more a forum and news site but some say they promote there. I know you have mentioned issues with g+ but that's another one I haven't figured out how it works yet.


Heather Applegate

2 Years Ago

Mary Ellen - I suggest just trying everything and see what works for you.


Mike Savad

2 Years Ago

stumble is junk, it might generate views, but they are from random bored people accidentally finding you. it's like they spin a wheel to find you. they have many restrictions about it being your own site, or it being from the same site and you have to then sprinkle in other sites to maintain a ratio, then it becomes harder because it will only accept new content. so i wind up adding any junk i can find.

pinterest is more deliberate but also hard to find things. their search doesn't work that well and finding it with google is impossible because there are too many pictures on a screen.

if you use google plus get the business account. because they are hyper about anyone sending things that could be spam, and anyone that reports you - that's it. you can't get a new account if you wanted to. while i might be able to do it under a different address - it's not worth it. not many use it because they are fussy and it's hard to use.

i'm not really in linked in so i don't know. i'm there because i had to find someone. but it was hard for me to use, and i keep getting link requests from people i don't even know.

---Mike Savad


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