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John Ayo

2 Years Ago

Amazing Photorealistic Digital Art

Just ran across this article: You Won't Believe These Images Are Just Renders

Some of them must be seen to be believed.

They don't all have artistic merit, to be sure, but the technical accomplishment is fantastic.

Definitely click on "expand" for each to see the detail.

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Christine Till

2 Years Ago

It's breathtaking work!
Sometimes I wonder why I'm still taking photographs
Thanks for sharing, John.


Donna Proctor

2 Years Ago

That completely blew me away I see them but I don't believe it! Definitely difficult to grasp that they aren't photography Thanks for sharing the link, John


Roseann Caputo

2 Years Ago

This artist also has work like that:


Mo T

2 Years Ago

Amazing Art...Thank You for sharing :)


Paul OToole

2 Years Ago

To thats not photography at all. The work and detail is amazing but photography needs to be natural with minor adjustments.


Jane McIlroy

2 Years Ago

"photography needs to be natural with minor adjustments" - can of worms there!


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