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Azul Fam

3 Years Ago

Not Selling

3 Years Sales yet ... well YES i am a litle bit disappointed.

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Lara Ellis

3 Years Ago

Do you do anything to market your work in here? Your work is amazing but maybe people just don't know it's here. There are a ton of discussions and tips about how to market your work.


Isabella Abbie Shores

3 Years Ago

As an artist, half of the work is marketing yourself.

Here are some good links to discussions in our forum and elsewhere about marketing your work Dan Turner's 7 Keys To Selling Art Online The Art Of Social-network Marketing Available Online For Free Evaluating Your Own Work To Sell By Mike Savad How to critique and edit your own work for better sales Tagging, or Keywords and Descriptions Marketing Yourself Innovative Marketing for Artists - Challenge! Niche Marketing? How Do I Launch A Local Art Show?? PRESS RELEASES what are they and how to use them YOUR Print Quality - Please Read One of the newsletters with some good info on

Be sure to stay active on Fine Art America: join discussion, contests, etc.

We have an entire Marketing section for you to utilise to help sell your work. Try using those tools to help you.

But the best place to start is telling your friends and family.


Mike Savad

3 Years Ago

have you done anything about marketing yourself? usually after the first month most ask that question, and others after the first year, why wait 3?

your scans look very good, though a few look dark. i think your prices are too low. but mostly you don't have that many hits on the images. you have to push these things yourself. waiting won't work. keywording is important. because many of your things are abstract they are a tough sell, but the keywords aren't helping you either.

Art Prints
this one for example doesn't even have the right words - female, nudes, i guess sculpture fits. but the basics like - hand, colorful, rainbow, and any kind of bible references should be added because those are the people that may be looking for it.

Photography Prints
flower is misspelled in the words - so that won't help you. colors aren't listed, there should be more words and a better description because google finds you.

in 3 years time you never joined any groups (which help booster you in the search as people view and comment on your work. you never entered a single contest.

i think you should rewrite your bio and instead of saying what you love, say what you make and who the inspiration was then.

but mostly it's all about marketing inside and outside.

---Mike Savad


Donna Proctor

3 Years Ago

Hi Azul -

Photography Prints

think about adding keywords like - vintage, shoes, pearls, necklace, jewelry... Also, is that a fur, mink coat or mink stole under the pears? If so, you can also add words like - fur, mink, stole, coat, mink+stole, etc...

Just wondering - are some of your paintings "mixed media" and not all straight paintings?


Mary Armstrong

3 Years Ago

Even if you market as they say it does not mean sales. But give it a try. Does take time. This is a really good art site to be a part of so do not get discouraged.
Took me a year before any sales.


Janine Riley

3 Years Ago

You may be great Azul, but being great - & doing nothing about it is like sitting in your closet wondering why no one can see you.

Do you have a Facebook Fan page ? Start with that.

Get out there ! Best wishes.


See My Photos

3 Years Ago

I'm curious to know how many views you have over 3 years. Everything everyone said is true but my curiosity is in the fact that people like myself that plaster FAA over the web driving people in here should get everyone here at least a few looks. Plus the marketing FAA itself is doing with multiple names etc. I wasn't good at math but would be curious to know what the odds are of someone seeing my work with me doing no additional marketing? I guess we would need total hits divided into number of images or something like that. Even without knowing the numbers I don't think the odds are that great if I didn't attempt to have people look at my artist site. Especially with about 5,000 plus images added daily.


Mary Ellen Anderson

3 Years Ago

I've had one sale and credit having the right keywords. I really think keywords and descriptions are much tougher than I originally thought. We think in terms of descriptions but what we are really trying for is the search words. I wish instead of telling us the most common keywords used here, FAA would tell us the most common search words.


Azul Fam

3 Years Ago

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU . Your opinions, suggestions and comments are greatly depply appreciated. Thanks Again. I will take ACTION.


Gunter Nezhoda

3 Years Ago

Most common keywords, publish by FAA


Azul Fam

3 Years Ago

Dear Donna the words( mixed media) is just a FUTILE effort to get hits into my artwork. All my paintings are straight paintings over Canvas Thanks for your comment on The Flamingo thank you, thank you thank you.


Azul Fam

3 Years Ago

Thanks for the LINKS


Tom Druin

3 Years Ago

azul have you been painting (disappointed) for the last 3 years ...


Azul Fam

3 Years Ago

Dear Tom: I am Intrigued by the possibilities around your comment, very interesting .


Roy Erickson

3 Years Ago

the number of views here has nothing to do with sales unless they are people looking to purchase art - not artists ogling other artists work.


Azul Fam

3 Years Ago

So Roy, please tell me what do you think is the best way to go. i am already making changes on my artwork Tags.


Mark Stavro

3 Years Ago

Add prices? Almost everything I see say "Not specified"


Mary Ellen Anderson

3 Years Ago

If you are an oil painter then don't put mixed media. Mixed media implies digital or photography.

In fact, you might want to read on what's allowed in keywords. You can't just add words that you think people might search for if they have nothing to do with the image; it's considered spamming. Also, certain brand names and organizations can be copyrighted.

If you knew all this then my apologies, it was news to me when I joined.


Azul Fam

3 Years Ago

Thanks Mary. about if I knew Yes / No............Mark I will make it so,Thanks for your (add prices) Suggestion working on it.


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