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Isabella F Abbie Shores

1 Year Ago

Anyone On Facebook 3

To make your artist page go to Facebook Create a Page for My Business and just follow the instructions there.
For my tutorials on Facebook

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1stAngel Arts Magazine
3scape Photos on Facebook

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A2Z Digital Memories
Abbie's page
Abstrakte Kunst by Isi G
Aidan Moran Photography
Algorithmic Art
Alison Harvey Bush Palette Art in Watercolours
Altered Cats Cyprus
Andee Photography
Andrew Mercer
Ann Powell Art
Art09 Arena
Art Atelier by Eleonora Perlic
Art by Claire
Art By J Wood
Art by Jean Billsdon
Art by Joyce Jackson
Art by Lynn on Facebook
Artists quest
Art Rose Mary Gates
Art of Deleas Kilgore
Art of Lora Duguay's Facebook Page
Art of MOW
Art of Terri Mills
Artworks by Lena Auxier
ASilcox Creations
Aspen rose art
Ayman Youssif

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Barbara Griffin Art and Photography
Becky Connolly
Blake McArthur Abstract Art
Bobbee Rickard Art & Photography
Bradley Clay Photography and Fine Art
Buy and sell original art

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Calico Sky Creations
California Paintings Sandra Smith Dugan Fine Art
Canvas Atelier
Carla's Portraits Designs
Carlos Caetano - Fotografia
Carol Groenen Photography
Carolyn Marshall Living Life Photography
Cat and Bear Studios
Catherine G. McElroy Art
Cat Lee Photography
ChelsyLotze International Studio
Cherished Memories Photography by Michelle Frizzell Thompson
Cher Odum
Cherie Duran Fine Art Photographs
Ching Ling Lim
Chris Boulton Photography
Chrissy Gibbs Photography
Christi Kraft Photography
Christie's Arts
Christina Rollo Visual Art & Photography
Christine Belt
Christopher Gaston
Chris Scroggins Photography
Christine Till Photographer
crystal wightman art
Chuck Alaimo Photography
Cj Rider (this is a profile)
Claire's Art Journal
CMG Design Studios
Conor O'Brien Artwork
Craigs Photographic Art
Creative Crab Design

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Danse de Lierre
Dan's Creative Photography
Darkest Artist
Darice Machel McGuire on Facebook
Dariusz Gudowicz Photography
Dave Cawkwell Fine Art
Davide Espertini Photography
David Lane
David N. Junod - Artist
Debbi Granruth Photography
Delores Montpetit Photography, Art Retreats & Interior Design
Dessie Durham
Diana Cox Fine Art
Diane Diederich Photography
Digi Captures
DolMo's Art &Design
DolMo's Art & Other Creations
Donna Proctor Art Photograph
Dora Miller's Photos - Captured Contrast
Deborah fay fine art photography
Douglas Wilks Photography
Dreamtime productions Minnie Lippiatt
D.T. LaVercombe

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Edward Myers Photography
Elvedhel Photography
EMONA Art on Facebook
Enaile D Siffert
Eti Reid Photography
Eve's artwork on Facebook

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Far & Wide Photography's Facebook Page
Feast Your Eyes Art
Felicia Borges -Mixed Media Artist
Fine Art by Kimberly Hebert
Fine Art by Xueling Zou
fotosas photos
Fred Jinkins - Visual Artist
Frozen Moment Photography Studio
Future Vision Sculpture

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Gabriel Braunlin Photography
Gayle Faucette Wisbon Facebook Page
Gina Manley
Go home
Grandkin Studios Fine Art Nature Photography
Guido Montaņes photography
Gynt Studio

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hannelore koehler paintings
Hipstographer Photography
Hunter Productions

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Idaho Scenic Images
Ink And Brush Creations on Facebook
Inlet Images Photography
ipg photography
Ireland sculptured in oil
It Does Art - J Dreag Karski
It's a Beautiful World

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Jacqueline Gomez Fine Artist
Jason Politte
JBrand Photo Designs
JDM Studios
Jean Moore Art
Jeanine Kemp Abstract Art
Jessica Jenney Photography
Jim Coe's Images
Jo Beerens photography
John Buxton Photography
John Knapko Photography on facebook
Josh Gyovai Photography
Joyce Hutchinson~* Fine and Decorative Artist
Jovica 4 Art
joy love mojo
JRH Photography and Design
Judy Kay Art Gallery
Juergen Roth Photography
Julie Palencia Fine Art Photography

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Katja Nina
Karen Stuebing
Kelley King Fine Art
Ken Powers
Kerri Mortenson Art And Photography
Kristen Franczeska's Art
Kristi Taylor

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Laura Brightwood Art
Laurie Gibson
LeahBug Photography
Leones Photo Creations
LHR Images
Linda D Seacord Art Design
Lisa Wesley Photography & Digital Art Gallery
Liz Viztes
Loretta Luglio Art
Love Life Photo Art Jean Hutchins

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MacQueen Art
MADART - Megan Aroon Duncanson
Magambo Art
Marsha Elliott
Mary Claire Studios
Mary Deal Fine Art and Books
Mary Ellen Anderson
Mike Porchik Photography
Miriam Danar Photography
Moonlight Meditations
MorningDew Digital Designs
Mountainrisingart Chaline Ouellet

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Nan Engen Art
Naivisti Annika Hiltunen
Nan Wright
Natalie Singer Artwork
Natasa Dobrosavljev Watercolor Art
Nate Owens Artist
Nayohmes Stuff
Neli Skoric
Neo Hansi Dietrich
Nerdly Painter
Nikki Smith
Nickola McCoy-Snell : Arteccentrix Gallery
Norrell Gallery of Photographic Art Facebook Page

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Ocean Originations
Olli Grey Artist
One Artist Studio
Oiyee at Oystudiocom

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Padre Art
painted tulip studio
Paintings By Nancy Craig - Original Works in Oil
Painting Skiathos
Pamela Meredith
Penny Lee Stewart
Petrovision Photo Art
Phantasy Art Studio
Photography By MsJudi
Phyllis Denton
Photography By Janice Drew
Photo Quotes
Photos by Angie R
Pin Up TLV
Popi Originals
Prairie Breeze Gallery
pratyasha nithin

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Raffaella Lunelli Photo & Art
Rainman Artist
Raintree County Photography
RaMaSo Photography
Randall Arthur
Randy Walton Photos
RATS,BATS,VULTURES,etc. (tideline salvage)
Raziel The Vampire
RCNpaintings on Facebook
Red Ryak Photography
Red Stick Studio
Renaissance Redneck Media
Rhythm Method KC
Richard Rizzo - Digital Art and Photography
roads less traveled photography
Robert Paulson Fine Art
Robert Woodward Photography
Robyn Stacey Paws 4 Critters Photography
Rochat Studios
Rock's Portraits and. . .
Roseann Caputo Digital Art Design

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sabidussi - digital art & photography
Sami Tiainen Art
Sandra Smith-Dugan
Sarah Tomlin Photography
Sascha Meyer - Photographer & Artist
Scarlet Blvd by Sara Harris
Scott Melby Digital Artist
Sea Maidens Fine Art
S Clark Photography
Scott Hagel
SDH Photography
Sharon Mau Photography
Shasta eone
Shawna Rowe Fine Art
Silvia Ganora Photography
Simona Mereu Fine Art
Simply Sharon Photography
Skip Hunt :: Visual Artist :: Photography
Slade Roberts Studio
Songbrd scientst
Sophia Art Gallery
Soul Gaze Photography The Emotional Artwork of Cathy Beharriell
Stanislav Ballok
Steele Appeal Photography
Stephie Butler Artist
Steve Hester
Steven Michael Photography
Steve Patton Photography
Steven Richardson Fine Art Images
Sue Melvin Photography
Subliminal Beauty Photography
Sunday Splashes
Svetlana Novikova Art
Sweta Prasad :: Visual Artist :: Painting
Synergy Studios Photography

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Tarak Mahadi
Tatiana Iliina Modern Art
The Art of Mimulux
Terry's Abstracts
Therese Alcorn - Paintings
Theresa Higby Artist
Thompson Gallery Paintings Photography
Tim Perry Photography
Todd Zabel Fine Artist
Tomi Palonen Photography
Tom Roderick - Royal Gamut Art
Trish Mistrics Photography
Tropical Ties Dominica
Twin Lakes Images

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Valerie Davoli
valaries art
V Creations
Vele's Branch Art
Venura Herath
V Holecek
Vickie-Szumigala Photography
V P Holmes Art & Design

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Watercolors by Jenny Armitage
Watercolour by Lucia Del
whole new world art
W C Tong
Westcoast Images
Wildlife Photography
Willa Dawn Photography
Writer Angie Rayfield

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xueling zou

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Yvonne Ayoub

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Zeana Romanovna Fine Arts


Please log into FAA and disable both FAA apps

Then, remove the app from your Page if there is a shop icon on it

From your Page, click to the right of your apps under your cover photo
Hover over the app you want to change the icon for, in this case SHOP and click
Select Remove from Favorites from the dropdown menu

Then, Make sure you are logged into Facebook as you, not as your page, and come back to your Behind the Scenes | Facebook Application and enable the application again, Middle one (personal profile) and then the right one (page)

The profile side must be enabled as well as the page but, you may turn off postings to that page in your default settings, once the application is all working

Then contact me if you still only have a number in the Facebook shop

Don't worry... it will work but sometimes they need a virtual kick.

More Facebook Tutorials

IN LOVING MEMORY Sherry Holder Hunt

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I am going to delete posts as I do them because I get TOTALLY lost unless I do that. So if you see your post magically disappear, it is because you are now added


Amber Kresge

1 Year Ago

I've been putting it off but I'm going to have to do this. Thanks Abbie for ALL your hard work! Seriously, I don't know how you do it.


Mary Deal

1 Year Ago

Oh my! I read in your last Facebook thread that you cannot have two FaceBook pages or they could both be deleted. Is that true? If so, then I will have to delete my new page. I would add my older page to this list. Is that OK? I'm getting confused. I thought you could have a Friends page and a Fan type page.


Mary Deal

1 Year Ago

Regarding my post just above, I impulsively took my page down from FB because I read that we can't have two pages. Now I learn we CAN have two pages - One where Friends can join; another a business page where people do not join but they can Like the page.

I've had comments both for and against 2 pages. Now I'm really confused and there simply is no way to get to FaceBook to ask them as question. But would they even answer?

We need some clarification. Thanks, anyone who can point us to a link where it says we can or cannot have two pages.


Mary Deal

1 Year Ago

I've had to do a little digging. This is what I found:

I've reinstated my Mary Deal Fine Art and Books page.


Patricia Olson

1 Year Ago

Thank you I will give this a try. I have had a shop on my Incessant Memories page all year and today it was gone with only a # . I will let you know if this does not work


Mary Deal

1 Year Ago

I have finally got a few moments to continue Liking peoples pages. Have been doing it sporadic but now will start at the top of the list and work down. Have seen some fantastic sites and art. Wow!

If I miss you, or if you are added after I pass through, please send an email. Thanks to those who've already liked my page. Hope you will all recip at my page, Mary Deal Fine Art and Books. I've only recently begun my page.



Randolph Hodges

1 Year Ago

I've enabled the FB app but, when I post a pic it is going to my personal FB page and not my business page. I cannot find where to chage it. HELP.


Mary Deal

1 Year Ago

Am placing a marker. Have liked all the way through the list at the very top, down to this location. Must say, only a very few artists reciprocate.

Randolph Hodges, I am having the same problem. Created my 2nd page so my FAA posts could go directly to it - and they don't. If i learn how to change this, I'll post it here.


Isabella F Abbie Shores

12 Months Ago

CAUGHT UP and you are all added


Amanda Bangham

12 Months Ago
thats the link to mine. i just recently made it.


MaryEllen Frazee

12 Months Ago




11 Months Ago

Bonjour from France,

sorry if this is not the right place to write this, but i look for connections ( yes like a loooot of people for sure ) ... i just feel this is the time.
so it would be very nice if you could just add my FB page somewhere, so it helps me ...




E B Schmidt

11 Months Ago

Here's mine. It says "music" because that's how it started (and 'ebschmidt' wasn't available) but the page has expanded to include the photography/art that I'm releasing on FAA. (It actually has more art than music now.)


Brian Schell

11 Months Ago

Brian Schell Photography:

Not too much there yet, but it's growing.


Josh Alecci

11 Months Ago


Sarah Batalka

11 Months Ago

Hi! Here's my FB page: I'm on my way to like everyone's page above mine!


James Drake

11 Months Ago

will have to work my way back up!!


Big Skip

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Shawn Kent

3 Months Ago

Thank you so much for doing this:


Ron Grafe

3 Months Ago

Thank you Abbie!


Cathy Anderson

3 Months Ago

Thanks, Cathy Anderson

Here is my Fine Art America Facebook Page


Genevieve Esson

3 Months Ago

Thank you so much for the addy! Am Liking all the above Pages too! Please give me a Like back! Thanks!


Marilyn Wilson

3 Months Ago

Abbie, could you please edit mine? I changed from Calico Sky Creations to

Thanks muchly!



Geoffrey Coelho

3 Months Ago

Geoffrey Coelho Photography:


Erica Seckinger

3 Months Ago

Hello :)

This is my Artist Page:
Mixed Media // Abstract // Collage Art

The Art of Erica Seckinger~


Terry Rowe

3 Months Ago

Lots of great efforts on FB pages, I've had mine for just over a year.

will start working on checking out everyone's pages.


Cathy Anderson

2 Months Ago

Here is alink to my facebook page


Rusty Green

2 Months Ago

I also have a fan page on Facebook.

Also, thank you for the tip above. My Facebook shop works fine but the feed is not working when I add a piece to FAA. :)


Sheena Pike

2 Months Ago

Hey Abbie I posted my link a long time ago but don't see my page on the list
When you get a chance can you add mine , thanks

(Your fur babies driving you BoNKeRZ yet?) so worth those adorable faces though!


Rhonda Falls

2 Months Ago

Here's mine Abbie. Thank you for answering all of my questions. :0)


Brett Nelson

21 Days Ago

BHN - Brett Howard Nelson Fine Art Photography:


Jaimy Mokos

21 Days Ago

j. mokos art + design


Josh Hertzenberg

13 Days Ago

Brush of Life Gallery by Artist Josh Hertzenberg


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