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Desiree Kantrim

1 Year Ago

Prices And Sizes

I have uploaded the allowed 25 images, but when it comes to pricing- I'm totally lost ! When I put in $50 for my mark up on the larger size it comes up at $26.50 on the website! This doesn't make sense !! I've been struggling with this site for four days now, and not getting anywhere ! Isn't there a person I can speak to? I will certainly continue my membership, at $30 a year it's a great value !! PLEASE HELP !! Desiree Kantrim

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When you are logged in, the image prices do not show your profit, so it shows only the cost for FAA. If you're in image viewing mode (the one where it shows the public all your available sizes and other options), just under where it shows "Total $xx.xx", there is some text that says "Show Price Details". If you pick on that text, it will show the breakdowns including your profits.



Angelina Vick

1 Year Ago

You are logged in. So you see what it would cost you to buy a print.

If you click on price details, under the price you see, that's how much it would be if other people bought the piece.


Angelina Vick

1 Year Ago

As far as help...we can answer most questions.

Prices are personal, you charge what you think you should.

What else are you not understanding?


Mike Savad

1 Year Ago

the site has default prices - fine art's prices. when your logged in it shows you those prices, not the price we see. you add your mark up ($50 is low for a larger size), and that's the mark up we see. if your logged out you'll see everyone's prices.

about image quality

Art Prints
this will never print. it it's stretched, and has a lot of compression noise. if it sells they will tell you to fix it or lose the sale. also you have no keywords - no one will find you.

all your images are like that. i suggest you get a scanner or a really good camera and reshoot them. they won't print. just letting you know before you upload more.

---Mike Savad


Desiree Kantrim

1 Year Ago

Thanks Angelina and Wingsdomain ,especially Mike ! for all the helpful replies.
We are newbies as far as the technical aspects of photography.


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