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Isabella F Abbie Shores FRSA

7 Years Ago

What Is - Index

I am placing this on the FAQ so that people can just find immediately any they would like to read when they want to read them. Also it means I dont have to keep trying to find every thread to update the list of 'What Is' threads.

Thanks for understanding the need for this post.

Please feel free to add below the name of something you would like me to add to it and I will have a look to see what I can do.

Ok... So far we have up......(Let me know if you want to carry on a discussion in one and it is closed..I will reopen it)


'What is' ART posts;

WHAT IS - Alla Prima
WHAT IS - Bioart
WHAT IS - Contemporary Art
WHAT IS - Colour Field Painting
WHAT IS - Colourist Painting
WHAT IS - Dada
WHAT IS - En Plein Air
WHAT IS - Expressionism
WHAT IS - Fauvism
WHAT IS - Figurative Art
WHAT IS - Genre Painting
WHAT IS - Impressionism
WHAT IS - Italian Renaissance
WHAT IS - Landscape Art
WHAT IS - Orotone
WHAT IS - Outsider Art
WHAT IS - Pop Art
WHAT IS - Still Life
WHAT IS - Stuckism
WHAT IS - Surrealism
WHAT IS - Naive Art



WHAT IS - Affiliation
WHAT IS - Hotlinking
WHAT IS - IP address
WHAT IS - Swift & Iban
WHAT IS - Derivative Works
WHAT IS - Transformative Works Purpose And Use

If you wish to discuss in any of these, please let me know to reopen them

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LOL yes :)


Terry Groehler

7 Years Ago

is this index art?


Anne Duke

6 Years Ago

Could you tell me where "what is stumbleupon?" can be found. Did I miss it on stickies?


Maria Gilbert

6 Years Ago

Hi Beth. Yes please. Can you do one on (cap C) Colourists, (as in Scottish, Peploe et al) cos I've noticed (not here) that there is often confusion surrounding the proper use of that one in the UK. Cheers.

Yours pedantically


Anne, try this post This Stumbleupon Thing..?? Is There A How To For Dummies?? Lol

Yes Maria, will do that next for you.


Michael TMAD Finney

6 Years Ago

to bad you couldnt add emotionism to the index


If I do a 'what is' on it then it will be added :)


Charles Peck

6 Years Ago

I suppose adding "Art History" to "what is" might scare off folks not used thinking of history as a love story..........


Michael TMAD Finney

6 Years Ago

if you need explanation and videos just let me know.. i have also invited a couple of artists from other sites i have met and have joined the emotionist movement to join FAA.. they are really good.. moom from poland and anjana from, a place i can not let me know


Thanks Michael I should be ok. :)

Charles I was going to add History to it but, as you said, I actually thought it may scare some people off and so stuck with 'What is' :)


Maria Gilbert

6 Years Ago

A piece on art history might clarify whether one can or cannot be a member of an artistic movement that has been defunct for (say) more than a hundred years, which had a specific agenda pertinent to its members or to the age, ie. can one actually be a Fauve or can one only paint in a Fauve-like manner?.


Charles Peck

6 Years Ago

Maria, even the Fauvists had variation in their particular manners of painting and could easily be recognized one from another. I personally see no reason one can't adopt the "program" with enough research to further the studies of a particular way of seeing and painting...but take the case of Impressionism. Creating a painting that has the appearance of Impressionism while sitting in one's comfortable, dial-a-temperature, cozy studio with fake sunlight bulbs looking at a photograph (and then of some place one has never been - even worse) is not being an "Impressionist" by any stretch of the imagination. It is an carnival act creating bogus goods that only look like Impressionism to the unsophisticated eye.

Impressionism is done outside in real life looking at real things in real time in real weather looking deeply at the color games as sunlight interacts with various substances.


Paul Anderson

6 Years Ago

Beth, if you are looking for is one of my favored... What is Outsider Art? :)


Thanks Paul :)

I will try and get another What Is up later today :) Am off to paint for an hour :)


Have added the Hotlinking 'What is' to this index.


added Marlene's IP thread


Just bumping asking if there are any others people may like to add.

If they do it in the same style as one of these, (article and video), I can add it to the list and also promote it on my own site.


I only just remembered this outsider art. I AM SO SORRY!!!

Doing a thread now if I find enough detail




LA Beaulieu

3 Years Ago

I have a question about stumble......... how do you use it with your art work since it says no commercial posting without paying for an account? Do you have a commercial account or is there a way to still post your artwork?

How do i find other FAA people to connect with?


Fran Riley

3 Years Ago

OH YAY! I am happy you posted this! So interesting - thanks!


Gary Heller

3 Years Ago

Good idea, Abbie.


Mike Savad

3 Years Ago

stumble is a random search that will send random people to your site and it's hard to say if it will result in sales. they don't like commerical and they don't like it when it comes from the same link. you can place your things there, but you'll also have to mix it up with other pages. but that's hard to do since everyone does that now. i got tired of trying to please them and gave up pretty fast.

---Mike Savad


Laura Dion

3 Years Ago

Can you suggest a site where I can get information? I found a Raphael Soyer Litho p 2518 Waiting on the audition... looks very old and I'm at a loss of where to start.


Mike Savad

3 Years Ago

i would go to a museum and ask a curator or maybe a gallery. or just google. if you can take a picture and upload that picture to their image search you might be able to narrow it down.

---Mike Savad


Mary Bedy

3 Years Ago

Art Deco
Art Nouveau



Absolutely Mary problem :)


Roy Erickson

3 Years Ago

I'm waiting for "what is Abstract"


Mike Savad

3 Years Ago

what is abstract?

---Mike Savad


Laura Dion

3 Years Ago

Thank you Mike ! It is in the Museum and there are NO lithographs out there.


What next? Abstract ?


Mike Savad

3 Years Ago

what is hip?

---Mike Savad


I will do some more of these soon :) just bumping for anyone not yet seen them


Dan Richards

2 Years Ago

Abbie, are you going to do one on Urban Exploration art? I know that is kind of a newer field, but there is a movement in that direction. I have seen a few here besides myself that do that. :)


Yes, that would be a good one.

I have that on my list now :)


Michael Hoard

2 Years Ago

Hello Abbie this is great you posting these important topics and great job organizing them....I did have a question is there any way a complete Index or Directory were we all can at random go and select the various important information we all use for Discussion forms, I know they have the small arrows sometimes that gets a little confusing you scroll up or down one arrow to another and so that something to look in to as well an index for discussions I know from experience, if you type a search word for a particular discussion and then forget to X it clear then you start to have problems which I so much thank you,,,Abbie help, help, how do I clear out the discussions to get to the last current discussion, and as you always instructed me Michael you hit Control F5 do this a couple of times and watch what happens...thanks for this index page.....very helpful...

Do you ever recall a Pen and Ink drawing index, I had in the past drawn in pen and ink was there ever a How To on that subject......

Cheers and Happy Summer to You, Your Family and Animals.....Michael Hoard


Bumping up as time for a new one soon....

Michael, I am SO sorry. I did not see your last post. I will come back ASAP.


Billy East

2 Years Ago

Analytically Cubism
Synthetic Cubism.

the list goes on and on...

decorative art
fine art
would also be an interesting and informative addition.


I thought I would bump this up as we had some interesting threads on it


Susan Maxwell Schmidt

5 Months Ago

Street art, generative art, digital art?

Susan Maxwell Schmidt
Board Moderator and
Artist Extraordinaire


Frank Tschakert

5 Months Ago

It seems discussions are closed on all of them.


If you wish one re-opened just let me know


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