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Roy Erickson

1 Year Ago

I Bought My Christmas Present Today - Early

I bought a new Nikon D3200 from eBay

and a new Nikon 55-300 vr lens.

Looking forward to taking it on our Christmas trip to where it's warmer (think about that - I'm in Florida and NOT leaving the continental US) a little further south.

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Lynn Palmer

1 Year Ago

The Keys? Enjoy the new camera Roy and bring back lots of great images!


Bet you have a lot of fun with those! :D


Denyse Duhaime

1 Year Ago

Nice enjoy the new Camera :-} I got myself a new lap top on black Friday --with a faster processor and it's all mine--lol getting photoshop and lightroom on it now and some other software--

I wish I was going somewhere warm.. I very much need to get out of here, but instead I guess I will be taking pictures of snow time


Christi Kraft

1 Year Ago

Have fun with your new Christmas present!


Marilyn Giannuzzi

1 Year Ago

Way to go,I know you will love it.I just got a sigma 150-500 for my Nikon D5100. So far I am very pleased with the photos I've been taking!


Roy Erickson

1 Year Ago

It has all arrived - safely - although the outer box, delivered by UPS, was wet and a bit "wrinkled" - the camera seems to be fine; the lens arrived yesterday - tomorrow - maybe - some shots - but the atmosphere won't be conducive - bright sunshine, no clouds.


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