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Roger Reeves and Terrie Heslop

1 Year Ago

Metallic Paper

It has come to our attention that Metallic Paper is now available when looking at paper print options. Not sure when this came available but is a pleasant surprise.

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Roy Erickson

1 Year Ago

When I was looking for alternative acrylic printing - there was a company that printed on metallic paper and adhered it to the acrylic - their claim was the image was brighter.


Loree Johnson

1 Year Ago

Wow! That's fantastic news! I wonder why there wasn't an announcement. Some of us have been asking for this option for a long time. :-)


Mike Savad

1 Year Ago

i've been asking for it for a while now, it's good that it's there now. i've always used that paper for my things as it creates a deeper look and shiny brass. though i kind of wish the paper question page showed what the paper looks like because i know it doesn't look like paper rag - they all look the same on that page.

---Mike Savad


I am thinking that it must be a combination in the paper and the ink used....I know Ritz Pix offers metallic prints and they talk about the metallic ink they use.....Regardless it is good news.


It is BRAND new....literally just on

Another suggestion list item crossed off


Melissa Bittinger

1 Year Ago



Marilyn Giannuzzi

1 Year Ago

Oh wow ,Good to know. I will be ordering some of my photos on that after the holidays.


Andee Design

1 Year Ago

All new items are exposed on the forum before the announcements because the

new item shows up before that.......all members here need to work as PI'


David Patterson

1 Year Ago

I, and I'm sure others, suggested having this option over a year ago...this is wonderful news! I used to order all my HDR prints from White House Custom Colour, because they had metallic paper. My HDR photos really "pop" on it. Thanks, Sean!

P.S. - I believe metallic paper is exposed paper, not inkjet.


@Mike Savad - I tried to point out to support that the paper type images were wrong back in Oct of 2012, didn't get very far:


John Haldane

1 Year Ago

Very cool. I use metallic paper when I print my own here (up to 18x12).


Karen Joslin

1 Year Ago

Is this Kodak Endura, Fuji Pearl, or some other type of metallic paper?


Marlene Burns

1 Year Ago

I just had an order fulfilled on metallic....of metallics....the silvers are silver!!


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