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Michael Geraghty

1 Year Ago

New Pumpjack Macro Series In Progress!.

At long last after spending 3 1/2 months designing a new variant of a PumpJack or Nodding Donkey, which originally started out as artwork, but got carried away and ended up as a full blown design. This is the first of many macro prints from this model/design, just got to get lots of good materials and vantage points to make it all worth while.

"Designer PumpJack Macro V1 03122013"

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Michael Geraghty

1 Year Ago

If you have any examples of pumpjacks or pumpjack macro's, please feel free to post them here!.


Love this type of photo or image. Must have had engineering in the family once

I do not, however do them, so none to share


Michael Geraghty

1 Year Ago

Thanks for the feedback Isabella, once engineering gets in your blood, it's hard to shift, not that I am trying too, certainly eats up the manhrs though!.


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