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Otil Rotcod

9 Months Ago

Crazy Hybrid Sculptures.

Crazy Hybrid Sculptures. And Freakily funny.

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Melissa Bittinger

9 Months Ago

Here's two more links, tried to find out more about the process he uses...

Great share Otil, that is some serious talent!



9 Months Ago

Whoa! Thanks Melissa for the added link and info.
Lui-Xue does make pretty cool and unique artpieces. Though a little on the freakesh side


Betty Depee

9 Months Ago

Wow, I really like them! I guess I have strange taste!


Fabulous talent


Melissa Bittinger

9 Months Ago

They are freaky but blended so well together, the realism of these fantasy figures is beyond outstanding, I can see the movie now.....


Pamela Patch

9 Months Ago

I want one of each ! :-) well maybe not the one with the testicals.


Michael Geraghty

9 Months Ago

Strange but very creative, great to see some of the more unusual sculptures though!. I like this sculpture By Mark Ho, again very unusual.


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