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Carmen Hathaway

2 Years Ago

The Magnificent Antoni Gaudi....

Sharing my appreciation for the incredible artistry of Antoni Gaudi, 1852 - 1926

10 Incredible Buildings By The Architect Who Shaped Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia, or Holy Family Church, is Antoni Gaudi's most ambitious work, and construction is still ongoing.

Fractal fans...witness brilliance in the design of the church nave -- 3rd image in this article

You might just find yourself surprised this isn't the result of fractal software imaging....

~ Carmen Hathaway

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Thanks Carmen, a wonderful testimonial,extravaganza, and for me, brings back fond memories.


Carmen Hathaway

2 Years Ago

Have you been to the Parc Güell, Vivian? Would love to know of your Gaudi experiences....

Another inspiring phenom, Niki de Sainte Phalle -- first discovered his work in 1955 -- apparently his influence was the impetus to eventually create her own sculpture garden -- a 20 year project that opened in 1998 -- the Tarot Garden, in Tuscany, Italy.

In the throes of a research project at the moment...and speaking of fond first experience of an art exhibition was at the 1967 World's Fair in Montreal -- Expo 67.

Le Paradis Fantastique, a commission for the French Pavilion -- a collaboration with kinetic sculptor Jean Tinguely. I stepped out of the entrance on the rooftop and found myself in the midst of one of the most amazing artistry...

"In the early 60s...Marcel Duchamp introduces Niki and Tinguely to Salvador Dali..." As Lennon says..."Imagine..."

~ Carmen Hathaway


Chaline Ouellet

2 Years Ago

It is such an interesting and unique place. I remember most the mosaics, the terraced walls that look like trees, the curves, the way it all looks so fragile, and the view of the city.


Carmen Hathaway

2 Years Ago

Lucky you to have seen it in person Chaline...did you get to see the cathedral?

In the curves you describe -- Gaudi is lauded for his undulating architectural form & the resemblance to skeletal structure on some building exteriors.

That undulation -- also prominent in another architect's art -- M.C. Escher.

The first image on this page is what brings that to mind....

Escher's Droste Effect

That Escher & Gaudio were both architects/engineers -- math + art = win/win :)

Oh, and that extra helping of ingenuity ;)


Roger Swezey

2 Years Ago

I spent an afternoon, back in 1958, climbing up and down the spires of that unbelievable ediface.

In fact, I picked up a discarded working drawing from the construction site, and became a prize possession of mine.

Barcellona was festooned with the brilliance of Gaudi's creativity....Talk about "Eye Candy"


Gehry has nothing on that genius


Carmen Hathaway

2 Years Ago

Ahhh...the architect's appreciation of the architect...great hearing from you on this ....thanks Roger.

Eye candy -- and even more importantly -- MIND candy. The confectioner's concoction....

I come from an engineering family -- the math always fascinates. Dovetailing that with the creative flow -- the symbiosis -- bliss.

Gehry's undulations are cool too -- each to their own vision, eh? The Guggenheim Blibao's nothing to sneeze at though - considerable accomplishment.

~ Carmen Hathaway


Chaline Ouellet

2 Years Ago

I did Carmen :) I remember thinking how it looked like a sand castle, made of mud. Fragile, but pliable at the same time. On the inside I just remember looking up to what I believe were flowers on the ceiling, the pillars were shaped like tree trunks and branches reaching up.
It is massive, a lot to take in, so you have to leave for a while, eat some roasted chestnuts,drink a cup of sangria, then go back and experience seeing all over again.


J L Meadows

2 Years Ago

That is the funkiest church I've ever seen. It looks like it was built by Hobbits. I love it.


Carmen Hathaway

2 Years Ago

You bring us right there Chaline...thanks ...

He was quite the Hobbit, all right enough ;)

~ Carmen Hathaway


Matthias Hauser

2 Years Ago

I had the great pleasure to visit Barcelona some years ago with my wife - and my camera... ;-) I don't always love big cities but Barcelona - and especially the fascinating architecture from Gaudi - is stunning. I also loved the placas and the beach. They have a great artwork from Rebecca Horn in the middle of the beach.

I have some photos from Barcelona in my FAA Portfolio but don't want to enter this thread with promo activities... ;-)

Thanks for the reminder of this wonderful city and the exceptional Antoni Gaudi!

Greetings from Germany



Carmen Hathaway

2 Years Ago

Matthias! Now that's the way to start an art inspired day -- thanks for sharing your experience of Gaudi -- and Rebecca Horn.

What I love best about this forum is discovering portfolios such as'll be noticing a few visits (dozens likely) from me today...

Her beach installation!

Photography Prints

Your photography -- wow, again! Art Prints

~ Carmen Hathaway


Mary Bedy

2 Years Ago

I've been to Spain twice but never got to Barcelona. There are a few things I would like to see before I die - the Pieta, and La Sagrada Familia are on the list.....I have a book of works by Gaudi in Spanish (which I read) somewhere in my house (I hoard books, so heaven knows where it is) ....I'll have to go look for it now.


Brad Walters

2 Years Ago

Those are some very impressive designs


Charles Cannone

2 Years Ago

He also produced furniture check out his bench


Carmen Hathaway

2 Years Ago

Genius is rarely relegated to one focus....

From the article Gaudi's Furniture

"Most of Gaudí’s work was architectural, but even though he dedicated himself most strongly to this art, he also applied his genius to comparatively more prosaic arts like furniture and decorative elements for the various houses and buildings he constructed."

~ Carmen Hathaway


Matthias Hauser

2 Years Ago

Carmen, thank you so much for visiting my gallery and posting some photos you like, I appreciate that very much!


Margit Wimmer

2 Years Ago

I will never forget looking at Gaudi's wonderful architecture while I visited Barcelona.


Carmen Hathaway

2 Years Ago

You're very welcome Matthias ...

Good to hear of your experience, Margit

~ Carmen Hathaway


Conor OBrien

2 Years Ago

I went to Barcelona a few years as part of an Architecture trip with my University. It is such an amazing city full of culture and character.

Gaudi's buildings are scattered all around the city, some in the main streets, and some in more secluded side streets.

i was blown away when I visited the Sagrada Familia, It has such a unique style and appearance. The projected completion date is 2026. It will have taken 150 years to complete, which just shows you the scale of the project and the completed size of the church.

I took this shot as I was ascending up one of the spires of the Sagrada Familia, the sun was beginning to set over the city of Barcelona.

Art Prints

Conor O'Brien


Carmen Hathaway

2 Years Ago

Thanks for sharing your appreciation Conor....beautiful capture & description of your experience at the Sagrada

~ Carmen Hathaway


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