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Carmen Hathaway

2 Years Ago

Report Of Massive Internet Explorer Hack: No Fix For Windows Xp Leaves 1 In 4 Pcs Exposed


Heard this morning on national news recommending switching to Firefox or Chrome till they get this sorted out.


Microsoft confirms the existence of the flaw in this official post.

~ Carmen Hathaway

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Mike Savad

2 Years Ago

people still use explorer?

---Mike Savad


Carmen Hathaway

2 Years Ago

Apparently. Blew my mind too -- been calling it a dinosaur for years.

~ Carmen Hathaway


Cynthia Decker

2 Years Ago

People need to understand the joy of the internet using Firefox with AdBlock plus.


Carmen Hathaway

2 Years Ago

They sure do ;)

~ Carmen Hathaway


Crystal Harman

2 Years Ago

We still use XP in our business, works great, used to it and since it would cost massive amount of money to upgrade our systems and have the inventory software reloaded we never switched.


Mike Savad

2 Years Ago

i switched to firefox due to freezing, and memory issues. i then switched to waterfox, because firefox couldn't handle memory properly. it didn't release any.

---Mike Savad


Donna Proctor

2 Years Ago

Mike said, people still use explorer?

Those were my exact words to my husband when we heard it yesterday. I switched to Firefox a few years ago.


Dan Carmichael

2 Years Ago

This was on the Monday night NBC network news. I commented then it must be a gigantic breach to make it onto the network news.

I stopped using IE years ago and recommend it never be used on the systems I administer.

Years ago FF was slim and trim and fast. Problem is that FF is now the same bloated pig that years ago it used to accuse IE of being.


Melissa Bittinger

2 Years Ago

This might be a stupid question, but I'm going to ask anyway. I don't use IE but it's on the computer. Should I delete it? I've always been hesitant and wasn't sure you could or should do that. I use Chrome.


Edward Fielding

2 Years Ago

Only time I used Explorer is when the Fairpoint tech tried to talk me through an Internet service problem. "Now open IE...." I'm like hold on, I have to search for it.

XP users are in for all sorts of security problems ahead.


Semmick Photo

2 Years Ago

Anyone using XP needs to upgrade to W7, its brilliant. I loved XP, but I love W7 even more. And stop using IE, Chrome is soooooooooooooooooo much faster and better.



Carmen Hathaway

2 Years Ago

Melissa -- you wrote "This might be a stupid question, but I'm going to ask anyway. I don't use IE but it's on the computer. Should I delete it? I've always been hesitant and wasn't sure you could or should do that. I use Chrome."

Not that at all -- a question many wonder about & might hesitate to step up to the plate to ask. Bravo & thanks very much for asking.

I don't know, either. :)

Anyone here know?

Semmick -- absolutely agree -- & a bit more 'guts' to go with that -- just tweaked recently, a bit up to 16 g RAM...nice.

4TB external...yabba dabba.... woo ;)


Bob Galka

2 Years Ago

No need to delete IE...

This Hack in IE is only exploited by making the user click on a link (the most common way that a user's computer can be infected, regardless of the browser) either thru a webpage or an email.

You will not be exposed to this hack just by "using" IE. You must be enticed to "click here"...


Greg Jackson

2 Years Ago

"people still use explorer? "

Yes, same as some folks drive GM's, Chevy's, Ford's, etc, etc. It's all personal choice and what people get used to. I have both IE and FF installed, and use FF 99% of the time. Looks like it's gonna be 100% now. :)


Gothicolors Donna

2 Years Ago

I prefer Opera over FF because like Dan said it's so bloated and slow you might as well use IE.


Judy Kay

2 Years Ago

I am still on XP...I have NEVER used IE...I have it installed only because Microsoft uses it for to install updates and for Microsoft support...I love Firefox...In the link provided by Carmen, there was another article notating that Microsoft is dropping 8.1...and that any users are going to be just like XP, without support...Makes me really start thinking "apple" in the future...I think that technology is changing so rapidly that it is better to select a OS that is more stable...and less vulnerable to attacks.


Chuck De La Rosa

2 Years Ago

The only trouble is that many business related sites only support IE. US Cellular sort of works on Firefox, but I can't pay my bill unless I use IE. That kind of thing.

If you are on Windows 7 or higher you can turn on Enhanced Protected Mode as a workaround until MS patches this. No fix for XP.

Also, you know how much I hate Java, the Adobe Reader, and Flash Player. But if you must use Flash Player, upgrade it ASAP! It also has a Zero day vulnerability that you are far more likely to get hacked through than the IE vulnerability. Why? Because all browsers, Windows machines, and MACs are affected.


Janine Riley

2 Years Ago

I always used IE, & never had a problem - that I was aware of.

Chrome is always a problem, & I wish it wasn't I switched to Firefox while this is going on - & it is dragging it's butt big time.

Chuck - thank you so much for that information - that is what I think I will do. You always have such helpful & simple advice - that I can follow.


IE is the only real browser for those who like to be kept informed! Are there other browsers out there?!



Marlene Burns

2 Years Ago

chuck, where can you find the enhanced protection mode/?
is that safe mode?


Crystal Wightman

2 Years Ago

I can't help but wonder how do people get all these kinds of viruses. I have never got a virus and if I did, I didn't know because my anti virus software took care of it before anything could happen. And while I am at it, my husband doesn't get any viruses on his computer either. And, we both use Windows 8. Last time I used XP, .... when it came out. And.. I am one of those people who use IE. Why? because I never had any issues. On occasion I have used firefox and chrome due to what my "boss" wants me to use for at home job. But, for my own use, IE. It's one of those things.....been using it all this time, never had a problem, why change? When I was dealing with cafepress, I had to use chrome, because their site wasn't compatible with the latest IE.

If I have ever have problems with IE, sure I'll change to something else. I'm not against it. I don't mind using firefox or chrome...but until those problem arise, don't plan on changing.

My father called me yesterday, asking if I am having any issues with IE. I said nope. He is, he thinks he got that virus. So now he change to firefox. I'm actually shocked my husband hasn't heard from his mother, complaining she got the virus. Everyone that we know personally seems to get the latest virus that is happening, in the meantime our computers are running smoothly as always.


Roger Swezey

2 Years Ago

I Have XP and right at this moment I'm on Chrome and it seems that it slows down and even crashes more and more often...I have no clue whether it's my old computer, my internet provider (Time Warner), Chrome itself, or Norton, that's causing this problem.

When I've had enough, I go to IE , and things for a while go a bit more smoothly, until that browser starts acting up.

I finally close it all down. Sometimes improperly, when my computer won't allow me to do it the right way.

Get a breath of fresh air, and start doing the things I should be doing, instead of sitting on my butt in front of this uncooperative doo hicky.


Chuck De La Rosa

2 Years Ago

@Marlene, chuck, where can you find the enhanced protection mode/?
is that safe mode?

No, its not safe mode. In IE, press the ALT key, that brings up the hidden menus. Click Tools, Options, the the Security tab. Click on "Internet". Toward the bottom is a check box that enables Protected mode.

@Crystal, I can't help but wonder how do people get all these kinds of viruses. I have never got a virus and if I did, I didn't know because my anti virus software took care of it before anything could happen.

Mostly because people click on links in their e-mail before they really think about what they are doing. But even from places you may trust, like from the embedded ads on your favorite news website. Browser hijacking is another method. A few years ago a large international malware ring was busted for doing just that. They were buying ad space on legitimate trusted web sites and then hiding malicious code in the ads.

If you didn't know you got a virus, don't be too reliant on your AV program. Thousands of new variants are released daily. Most anti-malware programs will miss the new variants for a day or more until they get updated DAT files. And malware is very sophisticated today. Rookits and bots will run without your knowledge, and without you knowing that it stole your data. I dod computer security at work. The anti-malware software only catches about 40% of infections. Security appliances that scan for suspicious activity catch the rest.

Obviously home users don't have/can't afford appliances like that. Run Malware Bytes and/or Rogue Killer once a month at least. And use a DNS service like OpenDNS to filter out know malware servers.


Dave Leo

2 Years Ago

I believe that IE is not deletable. It is a utility that is interlaced with the operating system. This was a major court battle a decade or more ago, mostly outside the USA. I think you can delete the desktop icon, but the program remains.
I join others being amazed that it's still in use.

That aside, comments above are correct - know what you are clicking open before you do that.


Frank J Casella

2 Years Ago

7 Reasons Not to Use Internet Explorer ever, ever again

( don't know if you can read this if you don't use LinkedIn )

By the way, I use Opera browser.

EDIT: And when I'm on a PC i us Safari.


Ruth Seal

2 Years Ago

What exactly do these purveyors of viruses get out of it? Are they the ones who own the anti-virus programs?
So they actually pay for ads that will give you the problems they have cooked up? They enjoy doing this that much? If caught they should all be executed.

As to XP etc. I had W 7 - hated it. The email was impossible to read and was badly laid out.
I don't think there is really an advantage from one to another. It's just a gimic to make money.
Some people are still using W 95, and I still have the disc for 98Se. The only difference from 98 to XP was that I had to learn where stuff was all over again.


Chuck De La Rosa

2 Years Ago

Ruth, what they get out of it is money. There is big money, billions of dollars involved in getting people to click on things, redirecting people to ad sites, and stealing credit card data. The Target breach is one recent example of a big hit. That stolen list got sold at least 4 or 5 times before anyone knew that Target got hacked.


Roy Erickson

2 Years Ago

" I " am not sure very much of this has a great deal to do with the browser - but more to do with your ISP and what you click on. I use Waterfox - can't really tell the difference from FF. I haven't used IE for years - except when the computer was new to get to Mozilla. Since this IS a PC - and IE is woven throughout the OS of Microsoft - I just sequester the IE desktop icon to a folder labeled "unused desk top crap". As for eMail - ??? I get my email from my ISP - nothing to do with the browser I use - except I do use thunderbird from Mozilla - because I detest Comcast - who provides my email (along with yahoo - but I go to Yahoo to get that email). Click on NOTHING in an email unless you know what your getting into - not even from friends and perhaps especially relatives. When I get email with a link from the bank or the insurance or any other business - I got to my account at the business and look to see what they want - I never use the link in the email to get to any account that deals with my money. Microsoft has been open to virus attack perhaps because it is so big.

" I " don't believe in Norton or McAfee - all they do is slow down your machine - and my wife's brand new computer with windows 7pro had McA on it - and still got 5 virus in the first three days - and only the good lord knows how many pop up malware crap.

AND it is ALL about the money - virus protection money - almost makes me think they gin the virus's up to gin up business.


Chuck De La Rosa

2 Years Ago

Roy that used to be the prevailing theory. Except now there are several good free alternatives on the market. That and the fact that there are actually companies that vet malware for the bad guys to make sure it circumvents current AV programs and security appliances.


Martin Davey

2 Years Ago

I use Avast anitvirus. The version I use is free and I've been using it for years now on various computers. Don't bother with that Norton or McAfee stuff.


Marlene Burns

2 Years Ago

martin, from what i have read, this isn't a virus's MUCH bigger....


Louise Reeves

2 Years Ago

Roger: I refuse to run Norton on any of my computers as it is such a bear, it slows everything down. My latest laptop came with it and I deleted it. Symantec (Norton's parent company) took over PC Tools, so I deleted those as well. Try and see if your computer runs better if you disable Norton. Try Avast or AVG-both have free versions.


Judy Kay

2 Years Ago

Good news! thanks for the update Chuck!...I also appreciate your update on Adobe Reader and Flash Player!..It is hard to stay on top of all of the changes in technology...Your updates are invaluable!


Carmen Hathaway

2 Years Ago

Thanks for the update Chuck -- good to stay on top of these things :)

Closing this now & updated with your news in follow up thread.

~ Carmen Hathaway


This discussion is closed.

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