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Linda Tyson

10 Months Ago

How To Sell

I am new to this site. I have uploaded an image to sell, but I do not know how to list another item. Could someone help me. thank you

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Dan Kerr

10 Months Ago

Hi Linda, im new too. There is a tab on the right of the Discussions that says 'Need help - start here'. Check that out and get lots of great advice there to start with.


[edit] removed post since my post was answering the topic title and not the post question which is confusing since they appear to be 2 different things.


Dan Kerr

10 Months Ago

Wise words Wingsdomain. LOL.


Mike Savad

10 Months Ago

seeing as you have 5 things, i assume you have your answer, however

Sell Art Online
this won't print, it's too far blurry and there is glare.

Photography Prints
this may not print because it's also too blurry, looks like it was enlarged a few times.

Photography Prints
be sure to rotate your images before you upload them, or they may mount the hardware to the wrong side for hanging.

just letting you know so you don't have issues down the road should they sell.

---Mike Savad


Edward Fielding

10 Months Ago

Before anyone starts to sell, they have to have the inventory.


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