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Wendy Helton

1 Year Ago

Bio Feedback Please

I just did my bio. If some of you could take a look and let me know what you think I would greatly appreciate it. Feel free to critique it. I am open to change. Thank you!

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Bradford Martin

1 Year Ago

Eliminate all the statements about what you are not or don't do. Make statements in the positive form. Leave out where you were born also unless it figures into your work. Focus on the type of photography you do and your approach to it rather than what it is not.


JC Findley

1 Year Ago

Yupp, what Bradford said.


Make it shorter, too. Way too wordy. And while FAA tells you to do it in third person, consider going first person in the bio and save third for the press releases and stuff. I don't like the folks who put up "Bio coming soon" but I also think it should be more about the artwork than anything. Upload, upload, upload! Also, art buyers probably don't care about the equipment you use, whether expensive or not, but when reading that some of your gear is DIY makes me want to check the quality of your work for subpar stuff.

To further what Bradford said, do not use not in your bio.


Wendy Helton

1 Year Ago

I was attempting a humorous approach, but I don't hear anyone laughing so back to the drawing board.


Judy Kay

1 Year Ago

I did a quick edit...
Wendy was born in Maryland but now lives in South West Florida
She s passionate about her work and continually pushes herself to achieve the best of her abilities. She truly wants the viewer to see and feel what she does.

She enjoys nature and all things living. You will often find her photographing on the lesser know beaches of Naples, Sanibel. Captiva. and Fort Myers Beach. She spends hours observing the burrowing owls of Cape Coral, Florida.

'Photography is an expression of so many emotions. Its like music for the eyes.'
. She believes it is not the camera and all the expensive gear that takes great pictures, its the person behind it.

Wendy's images can be purchased individually or in combination with thousands of custom mat and frame options. All premium papers and canvases are acid-free. Most orders ship within 1-3 days and can be sent anywhere in the world.



(My poor attempt at biofeedback for Wendy)


Mike Savad

1 Year Ago

first off - erase it all

make it first person. don't tell us about all the things you haven't won or done. because like why would i want to even look at the work or continue to read?

basically it reads like this.

wendy carries cheap equipment, loves to do, what she does,and is not good enough to win awards or recognitions.

you don't ever want to sour the buyer. you want to say.

hi i'm wendy, i'm a photographer, this is what i specialize in. there isn't enough photos in your gallery for me to figure that out though. but you'll have to figure that out, a hodge podge may not sell that well. but the bio is your first intro to a person and your first and last impression. keep it simple and to the point. don't tell them your weaknesses. if you were going on a job interview, i wouldn't even have you sit in the chair.

---Mike Savad


Mike Savad

1 Year Ago

humor doesn't come across the net very well. however what ever you say in the bio has to be true. like there was one guy a while back who said he specialized in tropical photography. only thing was - he didn't. he went on vacation there once, and only had like 8 pictures. 2 of them were snapshots of tropical trees. if you focus on owls, you should have a A LOT of owls. if you focus on wildlife there should be MANY wildlife pieces. it works like that.

---Mike Savad


Wendy Helton

1 Year Ago

Thank you all for taking the time to comment. I have listened and will heed your advice. Your honesty is appreciated.


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