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Lady Isabella F A Shores

4 Years Ago

Discussion Rules



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Updated 13th April 2015


All rule violations are subject to a minimum of a 24 hour ban and a maximum 365 days at the discretion of the admin on duty

1. Do not flame, abuse, or insult another user by harassment or by referring to sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, national origin, or disability. Nor any other insult. Arguments that go beyond reasonable debate will be removed from the forum.

2. Do not disrespect forum moderators or administrators on the open board or in private messages. This includes acting as a “backseat moderator.”

3. No spamming – do not post the same message repeatedly.

4. Do not post in ALL CAPS in the subject or body of your post. It is considered screaming. No text speak or strange text. If you need help use simple, normal font and text.

5. Members should use an appropriate, descriptive subject when posting a new topic

6. The forum is aimed at a general audience. Pornographic or generally offensive text, images, links, and swearing are not allowed. Any Illegal content will also lead to a ban. Users may not post images that require a safe filter to the open forum.

7. Posts and threads of a political or religious nature are not permitted on the forum. If you wish to discuss these topics you may in a special group, Everything in Moderation run by Sydne, or Alternative Art and Chat run by Lala

8. Members will respect the copyright of other users, sites, media, etc. Users should not link to or seek information on warez, crackz, or to reprint copyrighted material without permission. Do not name and shame other members in the forum. If you believe they are breaking copyright please read Terms of Use for the email to contact.

9. The above guidelines also apply to private messages. Abuse of the private messaging system, including pasting private conversations into a forum thread, will result in a revocation of private messaging.

10. Forum moderators reserve the right to remove posts and threads, and to ban offenders from the forum, temporarily or permanently, without warning. Any ban can and will be at moderator discretion. Disciplinary action will NOT be discussed on the forum.

11. Members who have received a formal warning will have a chance to respond. Site administrators and moderators will make the final decision in any rules dispute or disciplinary action.

12. Members who have a question about a potentially offensive, illegal, or flaming post or thread should immediately notify forum moderators via private message, or at the contactlink in the above ABOUT menu. You need TECH SUPPORT

These rules are for groups also and any area where members discuss things.

Please keep checking back as these rules are subject to change at admin discretion.


You can always find these rules on the Help Tab on the main forum

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