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Christine Belt

3 Years Ago

Facebook Fan Page

I have a FB personal account listed as Christine Belt-Paulich. When I post on FAA it still shows on this account but not on my fan page anymore that is Christine Belt. When I try to activate it, it claims that it is. It use to work... but only recently it disappeared???? Anyone else have this problem? How do I get it back?

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Isabella Abbie Shores

3 Years Ago

Facebook changed their code again and knocked us off.

Please go to your FB page and edit
Update Info and go to Apps
Delete FAA

Come to FAA and disable left and right if not disabled
Re-enable left and then right (left MUST be enabled to keep the right working properly.

You should be all set again



Christine Belt

3 Years Ago

Thanks Beth, I will give it a try.


Christine Belt

3 Years Ago

This is what I get when I try the last step. All of the Facebook Pages that you are an admin of have already had this App Tab installed.


Christine Belt

3 Years Ago

Thank you Beth! I finally got it. I had to take off the tab on my fan page and redo.


Roy Williams

3 Years Ago

Here's what worked for me:
1. Go to your Fan Page
2. Click Update Info under the Edit Page menu in Admin Panel
3. Click Apps in the left side bar
4. Delete FAA in the Apps list
5. Go to FAA...Behind The Scenes...Facebook Applications
6. Enable Facebook for Personal Accounts
7. Enable Facebook for Fan Pages


Brian Wallace

3 Years Ago

I was having the same problem. Thanks Beth and Roy for the instructions to get my Fan page "sales" tab enabled once more.


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