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Louis Gleason

3 Years Ago

Newest Drawing

I'm going to call it finished. Sort of been in a slump of sorts lately and needed to move on to another image as this one has taken longer than usual. Any feedback is more than welcome. Photography Prints

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Dindin Coscolluela

3 Years Ago

I like your concept and style. Loius. How big is this?


Louis Gleason

3 Years Ago

Thanks very much, Dindin. The drawing is approx. 28 inches wide by 44 inches vertical.


Richard Rizzo

3 Years Ago

excellent work !


Joy McKenzie

3 Years Ago

I love your style, Louis!


Patricia Strand

3 Years Ago

I like your unique style very much! I also like that this is not in color. The subjects look like they are trying to have a good time, but not quite there yet, lol. (Your work reminds me a little bit of Grant Wood, I think.) Keep going!


Richie Montgomery

3 Years Ago

sweet :)


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