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John Crothers

2 Years Ago

Gotta Give My Two Cents On What Was Closed

Yes, I knew some people would take offense. But that is NOT what they were intended for.

The images were a commentary on how those two religious holidays have come to mean something else.

It is not MY fault Easter is about a bunny and Christmas is about Santa. I just represented that.

If the religious get offended it should not be about the images, it should be about the commercialization of their holidays.

So there was an "artist" point to the thread. There was a message in the "art". There was something to discuss.
But the knee-jerk reaction to seeing the images upset people. So much so that I received an e-mail asking me to remove the pictures and close the thread (not from Beth either). It is almost sad...

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As I said in one of the todays closed threads, if someone wishes to open a thread purely to discuss THAT issue (how art is viewed if about religion or politics, not about the subject itself) contact me

An ART thread about ART and how it is viewed in these circumstances


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