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Metal Prints

Posted by: Linda Sannuti on 09/18/2012 - 1:10 PM

Bought 2 metals prints of my artwork...WOW!! Very impressive...packaging was nicely done as well...Love them! Thanks FAA!


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Posted by: Isabella F Abbie Shores on 09/18/2012 - 1:16 PM

I will make sure Sean sees this :)


Posted by: Jani Freimann on 09/18/2012 - 1:23 PM

I did too! Just received them today. Was thinking of starting a thread like you did. I too like what I received and think they were packaged nicely. However, my largest one had three bent corners. The box and all the wrapping was intact so I don't know if it was during shipping or not. Came on here to look for a tech support number that I can't find for some reason.

Anyway here are the ones I got printed on metal. Hanging them in a coffee shop that has an industrial feel to the design:

Photography Prints Art Prints Photography PrintsPhotography Prints
Would have done a few more if I could have afforded it.


Posted by: Jani Freimann on 09/18/2012 - 1:26 PM

I wish the metal prints came in a matte finish. I think it would lend to the look a lot better. They are lightweight and the corners are rounded. Very manageable. One of my concerns was that they would have sharp edges, but, no, they don't.


Posted by: Isabella F Abbie Shores on 09/18/2012 - 1:32 PM


Posted by: Linda Sannuti on 09/18/2012 - 1:45 PM

thanks Beth..and they look even more awesome in person :)


Posted by: Linda Sannuti on 09/18/2012 - 1:47 PM

Yeah I agree with Jani...should have a choice of a matte finish..


Posted by: Richard Rizzo on 09/18/2012 - 2:58 PM

thank you, it's always good to know the quality.
Beautiful pictures btw.


Posted by: Linda Sannuti on 09/18/2012 - 7:13 PM

Thanks, prints always look the same as you see on your screen and most of the time even better close up on prints :) I will buy a acrylic print next and see what that looks like so far through my past purchases I have never been disappointed. Canvas and metal prints I have bought from here. The metal prints have a glossy finish look, very modern look I would say. I'm very happy with them and cant wait to hear some feedback from family and friends :)


Posted by: Jim Poulos on 09/18/2012 - 8:27 PM

I will add to this thread - I bought a metal print (30x21) of one of mine to hang on my wall and it arrived today

Photography Prints

it was well packed and protected. The colors were reproduced perfectly, just as I see them on the screen. I am IMPRESSED!!


Posted by: Puzzles Shum on 09/18/2012 - 8:56 PM

hopefully my sale with go though on one that someone will buy of my site. they look great


Posted by: Ann Powell on 09/18/2012 - 10:23 PM

Was the shipping very expensive?


Posted by: Jim Poulos on 09/19/2012 - 12:41 PM

I paid about $21 for shipping to New York and that was the cheapest option. I do wish they would use UPS ground instead of FedEx ground though. My experience has been that UPS Ground is much faster. FedEx Ground service in my area leaves a lot to be desired....


Posted by: TINATIN DALAKISHVILI on 09/19/2012 - 1:43 PM


Posted by: Mark Smith on 09/19/2012 - 3:48 PM

Art Prints

I have had this one for a month Quality was great the shipping box was rgw best i have ever seen have oders for 5 more of them as soon as i get back in town


Posted by: Peter Chilelli on 09/19/2012 - 4:05 PM

I have purchased these 3 and all of them exceeded my expectations of what I thought the Metal print would convey.


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Posted by: Lj Lambert on 09/19/2012 - 7:02 PM

Thanks for posting this! I have been wondering about metal print quality!


Posted by: Jani Freimann on 09/21/2012 - 1:02 PM

Thank you, Beth. I just to add that if there is a problem FAA handles that professionally too. The damaged piece that I'm returning is being picked up at my house and I don't have to pay. Just leave it outside the door. It's so nice not. To have the hassle of going to the post office and dealing with all that mess. Can't wait to receive the replacement. :-)


Posted by: Linda Sannuti on 09/21/2012 - 1:52 PM

Oh that is wonderful service, Jani! they do need extra padding on the corners..glad to hear your getting another one with no hassle :) your metal prints would look great on a flat mattte finish


Posted by: Mary Benke on 09/23/2012 - 8:28 PM

Has anyone bought metal prints of their paintings? I do pastel and watercolor mostly and wonder how they would look. Seems like most of the posts here are from photographers, whose work looks great! Has anyone tried to sell them at a show?


Posted by: Linda Sannuti on 09/24/2012 - 3:46 AM

no I haven't but thinking they would sell very well! I'm sure your paintings would look just as nice on metal..mine is digital art.


Posted by: Yury Yanin on 09/24/2012 - 4:36 AM

Thanks, Linda, for very positive news. Your artwork looks stunning on metal prints!


Posted by: Anne Norskog on 09/24/2012 - 10:34 AM

This thread has answered most of my questions concerning the metal prints! Thanks for starting it. Your art is wonderful!


Posted by: Jani Freimann on 09/24/2012 - 3:48 PM

I agree wholeheartedly about the matte finish, Linda. My rusty shots would display best with the matte finish, but the look good with the gloss finish too. :-)


Posted by: Bourbon Street on 09/24/2012 - 11:34 PM

I am glad to find this information. I was thinking about ordering a large metal print and possibly giving it away in some sort of online contest or promotion to get more traffic to my work.


Posted by: Linda Sannuti on 09/25/2012 - 12:06 AM

Thanks, Yury and Anne :) .....So far I have had great feedback from family and friends! Enjoying my metal prints : )


Posted by: Wendy J St Christopher on 09/29/2012 - 8:20 AM

Ran across this thread while looking for reviews on the metal prints; it's great to see such positive reports. Thanks for starting the thread, Linda. :-)

I'd love to see a semi-gloss (semi-matte?) finish offered.


Posted by: Debbie Karnes on 11/22/2012 - 11:33 PM

I have a subway art graphic (white text on black) and was wondering how it would look on metal. Thoughts anyone?


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