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Bourbon Street

3 Years Ago

Iframes In Wordpress

I thought I had read about how to include a gallery from FAA into a Wordpress blog at some point on here. But search as I may I've not found the article again. Could someone either send me a link to the old one or explain how I might incorporate my FAA Gallery in my wordpress blog. I'd like to have a page or maybe pages on my blog that include the thumbnails of my galleries but look like just another page in my website.

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Isabella Abbie Shores

3 Years Ago

Yes I recently wrote a piece about this

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Bourbon Street

3 Years Ago

Thank You


Marcio Faustino

3 Years Ago

I didn't understand what it does.


Bourbon Street

3 Years Ago

I don't understand how that will include my FAA gallery into my Wordpress page. I've scanned through the code for the FAA pages but I don't see what's needed to add to that code you supplied to accomplish this.


Isabella Abbie Shores

3 Years Ago

You have to have the HTML page to add an iframe on some Wordpress sites (dependant on the host)

You then create an iframe in the body on that page and use it as the shop

<iframe src="YOURURLHERE" scrolling="auto" width="100%" height="800"></iframe>


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