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Santi Goma Rodriguez

1 Year Ago

Independence Of Catalonia?

Something is changing in this way. Perhaps you don't know what Catalonia is, but you know what is Barcelona. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia. Before 1469 was an independent kingdom that include different possessions in Mediterranean sea. The name was "Crown of Aragon" and the capital was in Barcelona. Different wars destroy levels and levels of autonomy. Each year Catalan people celebrate one important defeat in 11th - September.This year 1,5 millions of people go to street protest asking for independence.

What do you know and think about?

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Marcio Faustino

1 Year Ago

I knew everything you described apart the Year when Catalonia become part of the Spanish territory.

To be honest, I don't like borders, flags, etc, etc. I like local culture, languages and dialects, tradition.


Mo T

1 Year Ago

I know what Catalonia is too but let's not bring politics on FAA...All the Best :) @-@ Mo


Thank you Marcio. All this thing is a very complex maze. I don't know where all that will go. The fact of the problem is that Catalonia is very important productive zone in Spain then if Catalonia go out of Spain, Spain have a serious economic problem. In other way laws voted and accepted in Catalonia are sometimes refused in Madrid, specially about language and autonomy. And if all that is not enough some leaders of others Spanish territories accuse Catalonia that don't pay enough and that ask too much money to survey on this economic crisis. The Spanish King recently say something about no to go to new adventures. But this King is loosing quickly popularity, specially from something that associate the economic fraud with his son in law.


Sorry if I disturb you, Mo T. I just want to compare opinions. All that is going to be more than a politic affair.


Mo T

1 Year Ago

You didn' worries...what I meant was more about that this disscussion might be closed ( according to new forum rules ). I know that what is going on is more like historical event. Take Care @-@ Mo


OK. Sorry again. I have no too much time to connect to this forum, then I don't know this new rules. Then I close this discussion.


This discussion is closed.