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Karyn Robinson

2 Years Ago

Turning 'views' Into 'buys'

Is there anything extra we can do to close the sale once we get buyers to view our work. Can I display a coupon code somewhere?

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You could add a code in red to your bio so they see that...


Jeffrey Campbell

2 Years Ago

Though quite cumbersome, Karyn, you can add a coupon code to each artwork description in addition to your bio. Or, you can try discounting a particular piece of artwork, where you still turn a profit, but the pricing makes it irresistible.

I think you have asked a questioned that many in business have pondered for a long time.


Scott Melby

2 Years Ago

I would like to see a feature of "wishlist". This way the customer could store the art they like and possibly purchase later.


Scott, they already do this using the Favourites link under images


Scott Melby

2 Years Ago

Guess I been on Amazon too much......


Puzzles Shum

2 Years Ago

make every day a sale lololol. best of luck


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