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Deborah Younglao

2 Years Ago

Good Customer Service At Faa

Just want to say how pleased I am with recent customer service from FAA. I had ordered a large number of prints and all had been done wrong. I was pretty upset because the prints were supposed to be delivered to a client by a certain date after I had done some embellishment to them, and I was going to miss that deadline. Customer service responded promptly and courteously and had all prints re-printed and shipped overnight within the next 2 days. My client was understanding about the delay and I appreciate how quickly FAA corrected its mistake.

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I will make sure they see this, Deborah

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Debra Kent

2 Years Ago

That's great......awesome place this FAA !!


Angelina Vick

2 Years Ago

=) They are very good at making it right. Glad it worked out well.


Mo T

2 Years Ago

It's really good to know they can fix everything so fast...well just in case ;) Keep Rockin' FAA


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