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Phyllis Beiser

2 Years Ago


I am fairly new here and I wanted to know if anyone could tell me how in the world can you tell if the visitors that you receive are bots or potential buyers. I have noticed one in particular that repeatedly visits from Guangzhou, China, is this a bot? Thanks and excuse my ignorance in the matter!

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Jeffrey Campbell

2 Years Ago

Yes, Guangzhou, China is a bot.


Dwayne Cain

2 Years Ago

Hello Phillis,
I am Dwayne and I also am new here. I'm not sure what a bots is but I have had that same visitor on my site. I don't really know how to answer your question but I figured someone from so far away might just be a collector. We can always keep our fingers crossed. I will follow your discussion to see if we can both get an answer. I wish you luck at this new adventure. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the art. Dwayne


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