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Chris MacClure

2 Years Ago

International Artist Day Oct 25th

Don't forget about our great day coming up Oct 25th International Artist Day Come like us on facebook as well. Have a great day, and if you plan to do something let me know Chris MacClure

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Christine Till

2 Years Ago

Sure will, Chris. But it's a long way to go to 10/25.


Kerry Mitchell

2 Years Ago

I was intrigued until I went to the web site and read this:

"True art is timeless and universal and recognizable to all."

It would be hard for me to craft a sentence that I consider to be less correct.


Carol McLagan

2 Years Ago

Kerry I agree that is a great statement.
Down here in Australia I have not heard of International Artist Day but I love the idea. Shall pass on the message to my fellow Australian artist in my area, maybe we just might find this a great excuse to cellebrate great art and artists.


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