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CMG Design Studios

3 Years Ago

What Would You Name This Piece?

I'm having a hard time naming this piece. What would you call it?
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If I pick your name, I will send you a matted 5x7 piece of your choice from my work.


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Semmick Photo

3 Years Ago



Rich Franco

3 Years Ago

Tail feathers


Mike Savad

3 Years Ago

chicken mohawk

---Mike Savad


Heather Applegate

3 Years Ago

Pineapple... or Phoenix


Barbara Moignard

3 Years Ago



Rosanne Jordan

3 Years Ago

Bold in a Pastel World


Maria Disley

3 Years Ago it has a lot of movement and sharp edges and reminds me of a soldier going into battle on horseback with one of those Napoleonic helmets on. :)


Maria Disley

3 Years Ago

Roadrunner! Lol!


Tropical Mambo


Colin Hayward

3 Years Ago

I think "Of Feather and Flame" sounds fitting.

Thats what I can see in it.


SAIGON De Manila

3 Years Ago

*Speciosa Tiaram (the beautiful headdress)

*the head crown

*one fine headdress

*mardigas essential

*dress to War

*the war drobe

*bellum mitras



CMG Design Studios

3 Years Ago

Wow, this is going to be a hard choice. There are many great names. Here are some of the ones friends from fb suggested as well.
trojan glory
pineapples and cotton candy

I will look through the list a few more times and pick a name later tonight or first thing in the morning. Thanks so much for your suggestions.


Peter Jai

3 Years Ago

"Feather Palm"


Leana De Villiers

3 Years Ago

"In The Shadows"


Dave Dilli

3 Years Ago

I would probably name it "Art from Dave Dilli"...

But that might not work for you...


Jane Eleanor Nicholas

3 Years Ago



CMG Design Studios

3 Years Ago

I like puns and play-on-words so I am going with the title "the war drobe" submitted by Saigon.

Thank you all for your help.

If you would, please look through my work and select a piece you like. Message me the title along with your name and address, and I will send it out to you.



SAIGON De Manila

3 Years Ago

great!!!! congratulations to me..wish to wear something like that soon =)


Myrna Migala

3 Years Ago



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