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Joe Gilronan

2 Years Ago

Hobbit Day

Happy Hobbit Day to all Tolkien fans.

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I'm called a Hobbit lol (not really that short!)

Will have to watch the films again today



Johnny Trippick

2 Years Ago

Looking forward to the film. I used to do artwork for the Tolkien Society's Amon Hen and Mallorn publications a loooong time ago, back in the First Age or thereabouts. Oxonmoots were great with people coming from all over (America, Denmark and the other Scandinavian countries and Ireland). I would say there were more hobbits in attendance at these get-togethers than any other species; orcs being second and elves third. It was very hard to be a convincing balrog without setting off the smoke alarms.


lol Hobbits are plentiful


Janice Drew

2 Years Ago

I, too, am looking forward to the film.


Elizabeth Lane

2 Years Ago

I loved the Lord of the Rings trilogy......since hearing about the up-coming release of The Hobbit and beginnning of the story, I am looking forward to seeing that movie.


Mo T

2 Years Ago

I love Hobbits and the world created by J.R.R. Tolkien...movies were cool but I'm always with the Books :)


Peter Jai

2 Years Ago

They were planning on 2 Hobbit films, but now it may be 3.

The more the merrier, I say.


Carol McLagan

2 Years Ago

My sons use to refer to me as the family hobbit! (they & my hubby are all over 6' that's at least 12" more than me) so bring it on, love the movies


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