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Kaleidoscope Klick Photography

3 Years Ago

Would Welcome Your Support! Tommorrow Is The Last Day Of Voting. Project Imagination

As we have said a few times in this forum, Donna R, Rory S and I are all Finalists in a really great nationwide competition. We are NOT in Direct Competition. This contest means quite a great deal to me, and I'm sure the other ladies feel the same way. TOMORROW is the LAST DAY OF VOTING.
I would WELCOME all the support by way of VOTES and COMMENTS you are willing to give.

PLEASE MIGRATE TO (With FB or Twitter or just and email)
Go TO: Gallery
::::::::::: Browse by themes
::::::::::: Select RELATIONSHIP
and then look for the photo entitled "Boys Walking" by Courtney E....
-------->>>> VOTE AND COMMENT.
To find the other ladies photos:
Rory is in the Setting theme
Donna R is in the TIME theme

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Rory Sagner

3 Years Ago

Have been voting for you every day!!! Good luck!

PS Thank you for mentioning Donna and me!!!

Hope we ALL can celebrate in October...wouldn't that be AWESOME?


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