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2 Years Ago

Can Anyone Identify This Tree????

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Jolanta Anna Karolska

2 Years Ago

ask Alfred...I am sure he will know the answer...below is the link to the thread Name that Flower
good luck


Yury Yanin

2 Years Ago

I think it is kind of cedar or fir, distorted by some constant, unfriendly weather and climate conditions. I saw very similar trees turned into kind of distorted, tangled bushes in the Northern desert tundra -they are usual there


Ed Meredith

2 Years Ago

i would say it is a cypress that has been windswept and weathered as Yury said...


Heather Applegate

2 Years Ago

Guessing its Monterey Cypress - all the cones on it help ID it - check out photos here:


Donna Van Vlack

2 Years Ago

I agree with does look like a monterey cypress...


Wow! Now I know, and thanks so much for the responses!!


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