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Canon Rc-6 Remote Control - Genuine Vs. Knock-off

Posted by: Lynn Palmer on 09/25/2012 - 12:07 AM

I'm looking to pick up a wireless remote. The genuine Canon remotes cost $21 from B&H and Adorama. There are some knockoffs on Ebay that run a fraction of that price. Do they work as well or is it a case of getting what you pay for?


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Posted by: Jeffrey Campbell on 09/25/2012 - 12:30 AM


I picked up an OEM wireless remote from Amazon for my Nikon camera and have not had any issues.

Edit: I should add that depending on which battery the unit requires; some you can acquire at your local Wal Mart, etc., and others I've had to visit our local wristwatch specialist store. Each battery is different.


Posted by: Lynn Palmer on 09/25/2012 - 1:17 AM

Thanks Jeffrey. I want/need to save money but don't want to cripple otherwise good equipment.


Posted by: Jeffrey Campbell on 09/25/2012 - 1:25 AM


I'm not sure I understand "crippling" the equipment?

I've only used my wireless for when I want to be in the picture, and still I could have used the timer function in lieu. 99.999 percent of the time I used a cable release with "mirror lockup" in order to reduce induced vibration. I think my wireless cost under $10 a couple years ago.


Posted by: Lynn Palmer on 09/25/2012 - 1:37 AM

Not to worry, it's late and I used a poor choice of words...

What brand is your wireless?


Posted by: Nicholas Evans on 09/25/2012 - 9:07 AM

I bought a generic one from ebay for $1.99 and free shipping. Never had a problem with it. It worked right out of the box.


Posted by: Lynn Palmer on 09/25/2012 - 10:21 AM

I've just bought one from Amazon for $3. Thank you both for your feedback.


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