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Karen Fifelski

3 Years Ago

Password Protected Galleries

Hello -

I am very excited about being able to use password protected galleries...but it now I find out what when my client enters the gallery, the photos aren't 'clickable'. They can't be made larger for a better view of the photo. When the photo is clicked on, they are kicked out of the gallery and have to re-sign in.

Is there away around this issue while still having the gallery protected? I want people to be able to actually see the photo, but not have to have their or their children's photos available to everyone to see.

Thank you!

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Andee Design

3 Years Ago

Sounds like an issue for Tech support. Follow this link found in the about tab for future reference.

Some times it takes a little bit to hear back from them but this is a great way to get help on that.

Have a great day!


Karen Fifelski

3 Years Ago

Thank you...for some reason, my brain isn't working yet, I hadn't thought about that. :)

I am emailing them now.


Andee Design

3 Years Ago

You are welcome. Sometime we all have those days. All the best to you. Hope they get it straitened out for you Karen! :)


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