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The Redemption Of The Technology

Posted by: Franziskus Pfleghart on 09/28/2012 - 5:25 AM


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Posted by: Franziskus Pfleghart on 09/29/2012 - 3:47 AM

thanks for the exchange among artists with regard to new pieces of art!!!


Posted by: Marcio Faustino on 09/29/2012 - 5:37 AM

I like your work. But I didn't understand what you mean on your second post.


Posted by: Zeana Romanovna on 09/29/2012 - 6:26 AM

Franziskus, maybe everyone is scared to speak of that piece of work because their is a cross in it and we are not allowed to talk religion?

As for technology - I think it is moving faster than we can keep up with.


Posted by: Franziskus Pfleghart on 09/29/2012 - 6:37 AM

Well, Marcio, this subject I have put to discuss the picture statement. More than 60 users this discussion have clicked it without somebody in addition what wanted to write. I also find this it is a pity, because we as an artist here having the possibility of the exchange.

Zeana, I think the motive more contents than have only one discussion about faith and religion gives.


Posted by: Carmen Hathaway on 09/29/2012 - 12:45 PM

Viele Ansichten ohne Kommentar ist typisch Franziskus - versuchen, es nicht zu pers÷nlich nehmen.

Entschuldigen Sie mein Deutsch - ich spreche es besser als ich schreibe - ich bin mit einem Online-▄bersetzer.

Many views without comment is typical -- don't take it personally.

Excuse my German writing -- I'm using a translator -- speak it much better than I write it.


Posted by: Franziskus Pfleghart on 09/29/2012 - 4:22 PM

Thanks Carmen for the being based words.

I find out over and over again that should mean people me to questions what the picture. Secretly in myself I think. Do the people have no imagination?


Posted by: Carmen Hathaway on 09/29/2012 - 5:02 PM

People have plenty of imagination -- interest levels vary -- that's all.

Die Menschen haben viel Phantasie - Interessen variieren - das ist alles.


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