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Richie Montgomery

2 Years Ago

30 Day Membership To Vote In Contest?

A few mins ago my girlfriend was tring to vote in a contest and it said she has to be a member for 30 days to vote. She has had no prior problem with this. Also it said she has only been a member for 38 seconds which is a complete lie. I think the computer is confused. She is frustrated as to be expected but what can be done to fix this?

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Tell her to log out completely, Try again after clearing her history.

If it happens again she will need to reboot the computer which is sending the wrong time to the server.


Richie Montgomery

2 Years Ago

thank you Beth, she will try that soon


John Ayo

2 Years Ago

Maybe the server should use its own time for that calculation?


That's just my guess a to what is happening due to the time reference. I may be in the wrong track but rebooting will help i'm sure.


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