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Pretchill Smith

1 Year Ago

Welcome Buyers...

Visit my webpage and shop now.... messages me if u wish to purchase anything i will give you my discount code thanks.....

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Angelina Vick

1 Year Ago

The buyers...aren't here Pretchill.

(they rarely visit the forums)


Pretchill Smith

1 Year Ago

lol its oky u never know maybe they stop by here ...


Mike Savad

1 Year Ago

while there are a few buyers here you can count them on one hand. it's best to push it outside the place using blogs, twitter, google plus, facebook, etc. and since you have no samples here to attract attention there is no reason to visit you. also to have a more pro appearance, - don't spell YOU - as U. i found discount codes don't really garner attention.

if you want more attention, add more words, advertise, put things in groups and contests.

you'll want to set up galleries and sort your things into those. it's hard thumbing through random items like that and if your here for a while the amount of art will simply grow.

---Mike Savad


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