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Will Boutin Photos

2 Years Ago

Thanks Everyone

Hey Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that participates in the general discussions, I'm new to FAA and thru the g-d-topics I have learned so much about how this site works. So Thank You All .
P. S . A special thanks to Christine- Fun Game 7.5

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Good morning, Will -- welcome to FAA! :-)


Lady I F Abbie Shores

2 Years Ago

What a truly nice post

You can stay lol



Andrew Pacheco

2 Years Ago

Welcome aboard, Will! These forums and the info the more experienced artists share are definitely a treasure. I learn something every time I read through the recent posts.


Christine Till

2 Years Ago

Awww, Will, that's very nice of you to say.
It's good to have you here :-)


Richard Rizzo

2 Years Ago

welcome Will.


Will Boutin Photos

2 Years Ago

Thanks Andrew. Isn't it awesome to have all this knowledge at you fingertips,and its free.


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