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Leone Lund

2 Years Ago

Change Profile Name?

After we are signed up, is it possible to change our Profile Name?

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Welcome to FAA, Leone. :-)

I think Tech Support can help with that:


If you want the URL (link) changed then you need to ask us and, if nobody else has it, we will change it for you

To change just what you see on your profile page, go to Behind The Scenes | Contact Information

Hope that helps



Mike Savad

2 Years Ago

i think changing a name also effects your links back to search engines, but i could be wrong.

---Mike Savad


Leone Lund

2 Years Ago

thank you all for your help and suggestions! Will contact Elizabeth and also check out the Contact Information page.


This is now done so I will close :)

If you have any further queries about the site, feel free to open a new thread



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