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Conor Murphy

1 Year Ago

Enjoy, Starlings Over Ireland

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K L Kingston

1 Year Ago

Absolutely incredible! Thanks for sharing...


Andrew Pacheco

1 Year Ago

Wow! You gotta love nature!


Diana Nigon

1 Year Ago

So beautiful!


Donna Proctor

1 Year Ago

Conor - thank you for sharing that - I enjoyed an overwhelming sense of contentment and relaxation. Beautiful!


Zeana Romanovna

1 Year Ago

That was beautiful! Thank you for sharing, Conor!!

^Viva - I feed mine :)



1 Year Ago

Glorious ! Thank you, Conor...............glad they're there too. We have them singing all night, and, unfortunately, leaving 'reminders' everywhere !!


Johnny Trippick

1 Year Ago

Connor. That's a wonderful sight - really enjoyed that.

We used to get huge flocks of starlings here (though nothing as choreographic as that) when the steelworks was open: they used to flock there in the evening for warmth. They would turn the sky black. Mind you, by way of compensation for this, the ground and people's cars would be pretty white after they'd passed.


Christine Till

1 Year Ago

Absolutely stunning.
Thanks for sharing, Conor.


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