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Dawn Nicoli

2 Years Ago

Uploading Multiple Images At Once

I've just started uploading my images but after it reached 5 it stopped giving me the upload tool.
Is it possible to upload a whole folder at once?

I tried using the galleries but i have no upload tool available any more???


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Jeffrey Campbell

2 Years Ago

Many people have complained about the multiple upload feature not working properly. I just upload one at a time.

Edit to add: Something is going on with your "Edge of the World" photo, as some of the thumbnails are not working properly.


(Edit sorry to anyone who saw my last answer I deleted, I forgot to log out so it looked like I was talking as someone else)

For a very few people, multiple upload works fine if...

You upload a single, then multiple, then single, then multiple

For the majority of people it works fine every time

I just checked in your account and can see all the upload buttons so, please could you try a different browser and/or make sure you are logged in when viewing your pages


Dawn Nicoli

2 Years Ago

It keeps kicking me off and saying that my time has run out and i need to log in again.
What other browser should i use?


Dawn Nicoli

2 Years Ago

Thanks!- i got it to start working.


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