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Cristophers Dream Artistry

2 Years Ago

What Life's All About

Brought to you by the letter L :)

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Andee Design

2 Years Ago

That is cute Cris! :)


LOVE it !!!!!!!


Minnie Lippiatt

2 Years Ago

I love it! Thanks for sharing Christopher :o)


Claude Oesterreicher

2 Years Ago

Nice job, Cris. :))


There's the mood-lifter I was waiting for! Lovely, Cris. :-)


Carolyn Marshall

2 Years Ago

Oh, yeah - now, that will make you smile! :-) Thanks for sharing.


Gregory Scott

2 Years Ago

He looks so smug... Did he just eat a goldfinch?


Martin Davey

2 Years Ago

Very jolly and uplifting, great!


That will brighten up a day! Good work Cris.


Dindin Coscolluela

2 Years Ago

Lovely! :D


Thanks so much for the awesome comments Folks ! ..........So very glad you approve :o)


Richard Rizzo

2 Years Ago

Excellent Chris !!


Shaunna Juuti

2 Years Ago

made me smile :)


Robert James Hacunda

2 Years Ago

What's this a warm fuzzy?


Mark James Perry

2 Years Ago

I have always wondered what it's all about. Now I know. I guess..............


Richard ~ Thanks Buddy!

Shaunna ~ I'm glad it did!

Robert ~ why yes.......Yes it is :D

Mark ~ LOL.....we do what we can here @ Vandalay Industries


Dan Daugherty

2 Years Ago

Awesome piece Chris!!


Ann Powell

2 Years Ago

Thanks, very cheerful and well done!


Roseann Caputo

2 Years Ago

I thought the Hokey Pokey is what it's all about?


John Ayo

2 Years Ago

Ahhhh... I thought it was some cereal. Supposed to be good for you.


Dan ~ Thanks Man!

Ann ~ Thanks so very much!

Roseann ~ Yeah that too! :o)

John ~ Let's get Mikey!


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