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Sheena Pike

3 Years Ago


I do realize promoting your artwork and exposure is most definitely the best way to make sales.......I have an Art blog separate from FAA, I have a FAA Website, I have a Facebook page link to my FAA Shop and Website.......I am still working at adding more of a variety of work.....but I am a firm believer in quality over quantity.....I have also added to numerous groups, contests....been interacting with many members........I have been here approx two weeks and have only made one sale.......

I do realize I need to find a target market and audience and work towards that.........I am still trying to figure out; who it is I think will buy my stuff........I am a bit all over the place at the moment. Not sure what else if anything I should be doing...I am all ears.......I guess I need some patience and unfortunately that's something I just don't have *Chuckles*........

Anyways........your thoughts and input are appreciated.....I have already asked a few successful FAA members their advice and have followed it.... just wondering if anyone wants to put in their two scents. I am here to learn my fellow Jedi Artists.......teach me your ways to success.

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Yes, grasshopper -- you must develop patience! :-)

I was here two months before my first sale. One year before my first sale at Zazzle. Five months before my first sale at Etsy.

Many very fine FAA artists wait more than a year for sales.

My advice -- get your work out into the real world. Exhibit wherever you can get decent wall space. For me, real-world sales were the beginning of, and are still the most consistent stream of, my art-as-business.


Sheena Pike

3 Years Ago

Thanks for the advice.......! I have sold MANY originals over the years.......and decided to try doing prints instead for the time being......but I do appreciate the advice.....I think my nemesis will be patience, I just need to relax.


Angelina Vick

3 Years Ago

Be happy that you made a sale that fast. =)

I waited a few months...some people are still waiting.

There is a lot of info here, I suggest you take the time to read and absorb it.


Sheena Pike

3 Years Ago

Thanks.....I thought by discussing with others and hearing of their personal stories and success I could be inspired and learn and meet some new people while I was at it.......I figured thats what the Discussions were meant for....Over the years I have sold many original pieces of art and recently stumbled across FAA. My husband suggested I join and give it a try, so I am. I have had much success with selling original work but now that I am a mother I do not have as much time to keep up with custom orders so decided to try something new............I was just trying to get a conversation going but apparently reading is what I should be doing.....thanks for the advice Angelina.


Angelina Vick

3 Years Ago

Oh...I see.

I tend to be kind of literal when I read what a post is about. ;)

You can definitely get conversations going...but it may be easier to do if you say what you want to talk about. will help a lot, there is a lot of good information around here. And...a lot of different personalities. It's good to get things from different points of view.

So...what do you want to talk about? The art journey?

It sounds like you have been doing it for awhile. Self taught or go to school?
Yes, being a mother definitely means less time!! I have two myself...teenagers! Mercy...


Sheena Pike

3 Years Ago

I am a self taught artist but took a course in business.......I also am a self taught graphic designer who deals with business identity marketing.....I know how to market what I am looking to learn is what seems to work for others here on FAA......I think I will continue on the path I have been working towards, and I am sure I have done all that I can, I am just impatient. You have helped me realize that I must being doing okay if I have sold once already since like you said many have waited I must be doing something right....but in the end I think it all boils down to repetitive exposure...interaction and vigorous involvement......I was just hoping to hear about others success stories....but I am pretty confidant that I am on the right track, so thanks Angelina for chiming in and giving me your time I do appreciate it.


Angelina Vick

3 Years Ago

Knowing how to market is half the battle. So it sounds like you are in a good place. =)

That leaves you with honing your skills and making art...not a bad place at all.

You're welcome.

There are a lot of success stories in this thread.


Andrew Read

3 Years Ago

Sheena, You seem to be on the right path if you made a sale in the 1st 2 weeks...i think it was 3 or 4 months for me, Entering contests and getting more exposure from facebook and having a twitter sometimes helps, I now view being on FAA as a little extra...great if i make a sale but at the moment i make most of my sales doing original work for clients wanting portraits of their family members, pets etc. I'm sure you will do well on here Sheena and i wish you all the very best.


Mike Savad

3 Years Ago

for starters, of things you sold in the past - what were they? make more of those. see if there is a theme niche that works for you. some may stick better than others depending on style. i'm always experimenting with new things to see if i can catch another fish. when your on twitter and such that's the place to look for people that might like your art.

you should put everything in galleries in your store, as going through them all can be difficult if you have many.

as far as people to look for. it's hard to tell with your work since most are faces. animal stuff you can point to vet's office.

---Mike Savad


Chris Gudger

3 Years Ago

I wish I knew the answer. I have sold only one thing since I joined in January 2011. I was surprised and grateful for that. I have a friend who has been here for several years with no sales as of yet. Your bio says you are self taught. I suggest you join the "Self taught Artists" group. They do a lot of promotion, cross promotion and there is even a discussion thread concerning marketing ideas. The force be with you.


Chris Gudger

3 Years Ago

I wish I knew the answer. I have sold only one thing since I joined in January 2011. I was surprised and grateful for that. I have a friend who has been here for several years with no sales as of yet. Your bio says you are self taught. I suggest you join the "Self taught Artists" group. They do a lot of promotion, cross promotion and there is even a discussion thread concerning marketing ideas.


Joy McKenzie

3 Years Ago

Sheena, you need to not use other people's photographs as your own. That iconic photo of Jimi Hendrix (which you flipped horizontally to get rid of the mic stand...Jimi played lefty and upside down so you have him playing as a righty) belongs to the famous rock photographer, Jim Marshall. You have sold one image (also another photographer's photo...even if it's a Press photo, you cannot use it as your own) that you filtered and embellished. It's not allowed on here and eventually when the staff at FAA gets around to it, they will take those images down. I'm not trying to be rude, just telling it like it is. Just keep the work up that is totally your own. You will find your niche of clients. Just be respectful of other people's copyrighted works so you don't find yourself in trouble.


Mike Savad

3 Years Ago

@chris - many of your images are honestly kind of common - cats and flowers, so you'll have big competition for those. many of the cat shots look like snaps of a pet and you don't have many keywords for each one. the main question everyone has to ask when creating an image is:

is there a market for this? and what kind of person would want this on their wall in either a livingroom or office or study. if you can't place a person, then that person won't get that shot.

then you have to ask yourself, is my quality high? does it match the others? would i buy it myself and have it framed? am i worth spending money on myself?

many people make the mistake that anything sent to a gallery will be considered art. and many also make the mistake of not advertising their art the world. you will never be found unless you are proactive and have people come to you store. it's like a sign spinner. twitter, blogs, etc are for that. you have to make sure your in groups and contests and keep an interest on your images. then they will rise in the search.

then there are issues of size and quality, you have some images there that aren't big enough for a card, the two most popular sizes as 30",36" and a bonus 48" if it can't be met to that size it might not be bought because of that alone.

i'm clicking on a bunch and all of your images that i looked at are only 800x600 - that's WAY to small to do anything with, and i would suspect that's the biggest problem right there. you also have to make sure nothing is blurry, people are turned off by soft, unless it was intentional. i found a few that were around a 1000px it's still rather small.

---Mike Savad


Joy McKenzie

3 Years Ago



Sheena Pike

3 Years Ago

This is all very good advice thank you to everyone.........and to joy I will take in consideration what you have said and really appreciate you letting me know although I also have a portrait drawn of James dean from a very iconic and famous image of him so should I be talking that down as well??? jimi Hendrix drawing is a pencil drawing I did of him and yes I switched it up and then added digital effects......if you look in my gallery you will see that I DRAW as well as do digital what I need to know is if I drew Aaron Lewis using a famous photo of him as a reference and then turn it into a poster by adding digital effects this is not allowed?....thanks for the advice and I will be taking them down if they are breaking the rules.


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