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Alisa Tekhtilova

2 Years Ago

Take Simple Donations

I started to use Flattr to give simple donations to the things I love on the internet. It's an awesome feeling, join me!
-Compact button with counter....1337 -
This button requires that you are allowed to edit HTML and add JavaScript to your site- example - 1

If you are not allowed to add JavaScript to your site, this button links to your thing on example - 2
p.s. My Own Website
... but I can not paste the code :)

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Mike Savad

2 Years Ago

donate what to who?

---Mike Savad


Joshua House

2 Years Ago

Anything not nailed down (including hammers). To Me.

Seriously though, assuming that site is legitimate, it is a good thing to find out about.


Dan Carmichael

2 Years Ago

I really don't see any reason to go thru a third party.

PM me how much you wish to send me, include your email address, and I will PayPall an invoice your way.

Thanks in advance for your contributions!


Charles Kozierok

2 Years Ago

Hope I won't catch flak for saying this, but I don't click anything with ".ru" at the end of it unless I am sure I know what it is.


Alisa Tekhtilova

2 Years Ago

i too :) ..but - I started to use Flattr and + click with ".ru"..........
Thank you for your interest in joining Flattr .
Good luck and successful promotion.


Alisa Tekhtilova

2 Years Ago

I want to know more about Flattr :)


Victoria Tekhtilova

2 Years Ago

Bump again...;)


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