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Jean Moore

2 Years Ago

Photoshop In Reality

For Painters who don't understand Photoshop digital painters.


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Dan Carmichael

2 Years Ago

Not quite sure what you are doing / saying here, Jean. Is this some sort of new face or template for PS?


Charles Kozierok

2 Years Ago

It's a whimsical translation of the Photoshop user interface into the real world using real objects. :)


Rich Franco

2 Years Ago


I'm still running CS4, is this the new CS6? Doesn't look like it's worth the upgrade price......

Wish I had thought of this,



Renee Fields

2 Years Ago

Love it!


Lynn Palmer

2 Years Ago

How cute is this!! Very imaginative.


Roseann Caputo

2 Years Ago

Brilliant, Jean!

Thank you for sharing. I love it!



Shawna Rowe

2 Years Ago

I wish I could use this as a skin for photoshop!


Gregory Scott

2 Years Ago

This is iconic. Amusing, and thought provoking.


Nina Prommer

2 Years Ago

very cool - thanks for sharing


Ann Powell

2 Years Ago

very clever!


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