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Extending Your Art for Emotional or Subliminal Appeal

Thelma Harcum

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September 16th, 2012 - 09:17 PM

 Extending Your Art  for Emotional or Subliminal Appeal

Hello Everyone!

You can always come up with ways to express new and innovative ways of how you
paint and set your course to navigate your paintings to what you want it to be!

There are no set rules on how you create as long as you just create. However, I do believe there are some censoring of art in some places. Especially when it is offensive to any group, race, and religion-or in just bad taste.

Many artist have already mastered the inner secrets of how to extend their art image.

If you come up with an idea, write it down-don't let a good idea escape. Keep a journal or tablet with you at all times-next to your cell phone.

Think about the word extension. Extension is very important in that one product be it art or another product and even an experience, can be an extension of something else. I believe in serendipity and it occurs with all of us.
Just think of all of the inventions out there. If it wasn't for one time, one need, one image, one thought, there would not have been the invention we use each and every day.

I often thinks that painting an image is like writing a book, only you do so with shapes, colors, shading, toning and
even negative space that give life to feelings, thoughts, and environment.

Painting an image can reveal your inner soul and presence. However, others may see something entirely different.

You title can help one to know what your painting is about; however, believe it or not, what you think your title is-and you're the artist-others see a totally different picture!
If so, I think that is a positive thing because, that person is identifying with the image.
What I'm amazed of is when another artist comments and give my exact interpretation of the painting. You feel a special connection with that artist, because he or she gets it!

Art appreciation is what we all strive for.
However, if it's a picture about violence, or some other controversial image, that painting can and do affect the person who view it.

You can extend your art and art experience to levels of subliminal and emotional appeal and affect.

by Thelma Harcum

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