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Blue Ridge Parkway Artist is Pleased to Sell another Print of Reaching Out

Kendall Kessler

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October 7th, 2019 - 01:29 PM

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Blue Ridge Parkway Artist is Pleased to Sell another Print of Reaching Out

Blue Ridge Parkway Artist

I just uploaded a new Youtube on my latest Demo!  This time the demo is of an expressive owl painting!  This one took a lot of different directions after I filmed it.  I liked what I started with but then when I was working on finishing it I made a lot of changes.  Be sure to check it out! My channel is Kendall Kessler.

I am also pleased to sell another print of Reaching Out to a great NC patron!  Reaching Out is still my number one seller for prints!  It sure has gotten around and will always be part of the set of The Mindy Project sitcom that aired on Foxtv for three years and then on  Hulu for three years!

Reaching Out 18" x 24"  Oil Painting $20,000

Dreaming  Original 18" x 24" charcoal Drawing     $864

Be sure to check out my Independent website!  The link under Dreaming will take you there!


I would greatly appreciate a Google review if you like my work!  Here is the address!


Please check out Clyde's book!

The book can be purchased on Amazon!  Here is the address!


Special Promotion on Monarch on Red ends on Tuesday!

Monarch on Red   Original 22" x 14" Oil painting   $646

Prints on Wall Art, Household items, and Clothes available by clicking on the link below.

Click on the 40" x 30" canvas print size for the 40% off regular price!

Thank you for looking at paintings by an artist of The Blue Ridge Parkway!

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