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What is Conservation Photography?

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April 17th, 2012 - 03:37 PM

What is Conservation Photography?

What is Conservation Photography? Conservation Photography uses photographic images and story telling (photo journalism) to advocate for positive conservation outcomes. It combines Nature Photography and Wildlife Photography with a pro active message to enhance understanding, expand public awareness and encourage practical action to protect the natural world.

Conservation Photography uses both imagery and documentary styles to encourage others toward action of habitat conservation, wildlife conservation and environmental conservation. Conservation photographers are committed naturalist and conversationalist who are driven to raise awareness and protect the natural world. A conservationist is an individual who advocates for wildlife, plants and their natural habitats.

Photography is a powerful medium when used to empower the conservation movement. A committed conservation photographer creates a sense of empathy and compassion for the natural world. It motivates the viewer to take an active role in the conservation of nature and the environment. Conservation Photography was not recognized as a valuable medium until 2005 when the International League of Conservation Photographer was founded. Until then Conservation Photography was not recognized as a discipline in it’s own right.

Conservation Photography grew at the beginning of the 21 st century in response to the realization that our worlds ecosystem was declining and we have entered a stage of environmental crisis. Conservation authority brings recognition to threatened or at risk species. Conservation and photography appear as two distinct fields, but their combined impact can be profound. Simply put, conservation photography is photography that empowers or enables conservation. It can have a strong impact on the viewer which in turn can be a motivating factor for the audience. Conservation Photography is a form of activism that creates photo stories that move the mind and heart of the audience. These story images emphasis a specific cause related to environmental awareness and protection. Conservation Photography is a valuable tool for public awareness campaigns.

The Conservation Movement involves the protection of wildlife, plants and their natural habitats. This encompasses Ethical Conservation, Biodiversity, Habitat Conservation, Energy Conservation, Water Conservation, Wetlands Conservation, Marine Conservation, Wildlife Conservation and Wildlife Management.

How am I doing my own part in the movement of Conservation Photography?

I consider myself to be a Wildlife and Nature Conservation Photographer. As such I feel compelled to offer information about each species that I photograph. My commitment to the wildlife and the environment caused me to create a website where each image has a story about each species photographed. This is included below each image in my gallery and was my motivating factor in developing and writing my Online Canadian Wildlife Education Series.

Learn interesting and intriguing facts about Canadian Wildlife

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