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What's New for Fall

Karen Francis

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October 7th, 2019 - 03:39 PM

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I've uploaded three new images: "Hay Bales," "Flowers by App," and "Sculpture Illustration" . Each of these were created via applying variations possible with one app to digital photographs I took recently. Even though I've been working with digital photography for around twenty years now, I'm still amazed by what is possible. No pen or paint touched paper or canvas for these three artworks. I would tell you which app, but I can't remember its name at the moment.

See these and more on my profile page on fine art america. And of course, there are numerous art products custom printed available, from fine art prints of many sizes and framing choices, to yoga mats, tote bags, throw pillow. Lots of Home Decor and Lifestyle clothing selections as well as practical items like spiral notebooks, blankets, mugs, phone covers, and battery chargers (if they are not sold out of that item).

Be sure to subscribe to my Art Promotions YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/blessings427 where I upload videos I make on art, music, film, travel, and inspirational topics. It's free to subscribe and free to watch online. You can follow and text on Instagram too at crpr21516. Also, I make art related posts on www.facebook.com/ArtPromotions and www.facebook.com/ChristmasRide in case you want to check those pages out sometime. Thanks. --Karen E. Francis

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Lisa Smith

2 Years Ago

Pepper Pike, OH

Karen, your artwork is great and would make a fantastic enhancement to many interiors.