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The creative process

Annette M Stevenson

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December 15th, 2015 - 10:50 AM

The creative process

Artists respond to the visual world and words do not always come easy for some people, this is the reason why we paint and are artists. To express with a brush and paint our innermost feelings and thoughts is our goal. Many times we express our imaginations and other times we make marks on paper or canvas for the sheer fun of watching some magical image appear. We can spend hours or days formulating the idea before painting it. And some days we have nothing. On these days it is a good idea to look around, take a walk, relax, then take out a notebook and write down anything that comes to mind. It does not need to be complete sentences one word or a list of subjects will do to help dream up an image. Sometimes it is a good idea to work out a problem such as paint an abstract painting with five circles and 3 squares with a particular color scheme. This process may lead to a fantastic painting.

Where do you get your painting ideas?


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