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Why is the Cat a Central Theme in my Artwork?

AJ Brown

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January 5th, 2011 - 07:00 PM

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Why is the Cat a Central Theme in my Artwork?

Growing up, I had all sorts of other animals as friends: gerbils, hamsters, bunny rabbits, a guinea pig, a budgie, and a dog. It wasn't until I was adopted by a very active black kitten that my life started to change. There was a twelve year gap where I had no animal friends. I happened to visit the farm of a cousin. My cousin plopped this black kitten into my left hand. I had NO experience with cats before that time. This kitten crawled up my arm to my shoulder and stayed put. I walked around with this kitten on my shoulder for about a half hour. Then it was time to return to my aunt's house. My aunt tried to pick this Panther off, but he dug into my coat. So, I had been adopted! So, I took him home. Over the years, Panther taught me to live in the Present Moment, or at least he started that process! The process of letting go, that is. They say a friend reaches for your paw, but touches your Heart. May Panther Rest In Peace. I have another almost all black cat now, named Rumbles to continue to teach me to live in the Present Moment. Cats are beautiful, graceful, independent, loyal and so very Loving. (Though you have to earn that!) Rumbles lets me know when the phone rings or if there is someone at the door. She is muscular and dainty. She brings gifts of mice, moths and birds. She is my inspiration. So, how can I not have cats as a theme for my artwork?


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