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2nd day of Cosmic Paintings and Beyond

Mike Cicirelli

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February 5th, 2013 - 07:34 AM

2nd day of Cosmic Paintings and Beyond

morning coffee without sugar or milk this morning. Might be a good new habit to start, feeling a bit bloated lately, and I know from days of fasting that feeling a bit bloated takes away from our happiness. Once, after about a weeks fast, just water for first half, a short amount of fruits for the second half, I felt I had reclaimed myself, that I was, as Seinfeld once put it, "master of my domain", as Ralph Kramden put it, "king of the castle." But that was only psychological, and happiness comes from more than just peace of mind, it comes from feeling excellent in body. Mere peace of mind may succeed in pushing the feeling of physical discomfort away from mind, but still it is there, distracting from pure true happiness. My empty stomach, after completing its cycles of administrating digestive acids that, witout foods to absorb them, only burnt the walls of my stomach, ceased. My body got the note: there ain't gonna be no foods here, stop with the digestive acids. Its only those acids burning those walls that give us the sensation we call hunger. True hunger is something different, and it generally takes weeks for true hunger to set in. After my body stopped administrating the acids, my empty stomach simply felt light, my entire body felt light, my step was light, and that's a good feeling. How good a feeling it is hit home when I decided to treat myself, after my week of not eating, to a chinese buffet. When I left the restaurant to walk it off, I felt that weight, that volume, that discomfort returned to my body, and I noted that its a discomfort we all live with everyday no matter how much we succeed in pushing it out of mind.

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