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Claudia Stewart

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December 17th, 2012 - 12:29 PM


I have had a four day weekend this weekend and got to spend at least two of those days mostly engrossed in art. The Anne piece is coming along and I shall continue working on the face over the days I have off at Christmas time. The pillars are on, as well as the door, doorframe and pillar tops. I hope to finish the struts (think that's what they're called; like the bones) of the arched ceiling, in a velvety black paper. This weekend I also glued on the background moss green pastel paper to the board for the face and neck, and then the technical pen drawing on the tracing paper over the top of that. Have been working with pastel for the face and neck on the tracing paper and am finding it quite forgiving and so I am able to get subtle nuances of skin tone. I keep seeing new things, when comparing the piece to the original photo and am very glad I took the expense of buying the 48 piece set of pastels.

For my Christmas cards this year, I sent off a picture of the rose that is seen in the archway of the Anne piece and all my friends have remarked at how much they like the photo.

I also have yet to paint or pastel in the gloved hand which holds Anne's sabre in front of her face, and the piece will probably be called "The Guardian of the Rose". For the blade, I would actually like to cast around and see if I can find a very thin long strip of metal (I have in mind a shop who may carry such a thing) which will be affixed to the board and extend above the top of the piece. It will have to be quite thin, and will probably be a pain in the rear to transport to a show(s), but I think the effect will be quite striking.

That's it for now. Have a wonderful holiday season.


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